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September 13 2009

The diaries of other vampires revealed. TWOP ponders what other vamps might write in their journals, including entries from Angel and Spike. An amusing read.

The Selene one is terrible but Spike's is fantastic.
I liked both Spike's and Angel's, but the one for Barnabas Collins showed no appreciation for the original TV vampire with a soul. It should have been, "Josette, my Josette...I've lost you, where are you? I will love you eternally..." etc. etc. And maybe something about Maggie Evans, being walled up by Trask (and vice versa), Willie Loomis. So much there to be mined...sigh.
The Angel and Spike ones are fine but the one that blows them all away is COUNT VAN COUNT!!!! I swear, they must be able to read the Count's mind cuz that is exactly what he would write in his diary!!! ;)
Sorry but I have to admit that if Selene was shooting me I would definitely be checking out her ass as my life ebbed away.
I can really see Harmony giving Spike a diary... and him tossing it. :-)
Angel's was funny, but the Spike one was hilarious, as was Blade and Count von Count. Fantastic.
Loved the Count's. Angel's was cute, Spike's...I'd hoped for something poetic. :)
Edward's was amusing, actually.
I knew I could count on Spike, loved his.
Count von Count's is amazing. They've got Sookie's name wrong on Bill's one though, calling her Sookie St. James (who is the Sookie of Gilmore Girls) rather than Sookie Stackhouse. Interesting mix-up.
Yeah, I noticed the name mix-up too-but both Bill and Eric's entries were funny. So was Blade's, especially this line: But no, I have to be the one to break it up, and everyone looks at me like I'm the fun police. I can just see Deacon Frost looking at him like that LOL.
Bill's entry was mah favorite. Hehe. Spike's was also funny.
Spike's entry is perfect, but Bill's entry is genius!! Made me laugh mah a** off.. Good find :-DD
Okay. I almost choked on my tea laughing at Spike's 'entry'! Loved Angel's, too.

a little light mauling is practically foreplay.
Ah found Bill's entry funny also, it tickled mah funnybone.

Spike's & Angels were also lol-some.
This is being added to the list of things not to be read at work because the giggles get out of control.
Spike's and Angels were hilarious, but Blade's made me lose it.
I still think this is funny.
Bills was definately my favourite. You just know that he does secretly have a diary and it sounds exactly like that.
Loved Angel's and Spike's, Bill's was hilarious, but Count Von Count's was just awesome!

(How I miss Sesame Street!)
Eileen, I agree with you about Barnabas. His was nothing like him. He should've talked about Julia's new potion to turn him human and said something snarky about fucking Angelique!

Spike's was perfect. :D
"Sod off, diary."

"One! One entry in my diary!"

"I wouldn't go if you paid me."

Even though I didn't know all the vamps (Heard of most of 'em, though) I still got a kick out of that.

Mmm...I'm getting an idea for a very complicated story, involving a Watcher's diary & a vampire's diary...
I guess I'll be the lone disagreeing voice then. They all sounded to me like the lamest of lame fan fiction. Even Spike's diary. The only one I figure was even close was The Count's diary.

And zz9... that was funny. : )
Nope, not alone Breathestory, they didn't do much for me either. Bill's was worth a grin, as was Blade's but the rest were just, well, diary entries i.e. they were a bit dull IMO and - Brit swearing aside - didn't particularly capture the voices of the characters.

Mileage varies though and by the widest margin with humour I reckon.
Barnabas's was ridiculous. Angel's and Spike's made a certain twisted sense.

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