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"grr... argh"
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September 14 2009

NYMag: Neil Patrick Harris is a High-Wire Act. Seven page article on NPH covers his career with mentions of Dr. Horrible.

Arrrrghhhh. Spoilers for HIMYM.
Great article. Can't help loving this guy more every times he is interviewed.
Smallish spoilers, I think, given they were pretty clearly heading in that direction at the end of last season.

Really fun article.
NPH strikes me as a very smart guy, every interview I read with him I come away thinking he's got his shit proper sorted and this one is no exception.

And if he is going to be the "one who shows that it can be done" then I think it'll be by doing exactly what he's doing right now - leading his life as he chooses and refusing to be put into whichever box other people have picked out for him.

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