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September 14 2009

I am a Browncoat. Watch the teaser trailer for the fan film Browncoats: Redemption.

Well, I was only interested in "Redemption" before in the mildest of ways, and I can't tell too much from this "teaser trailer," but I have to say... they nailed the music. The moment I heard it, I was immediately aching for the 'verse. The lighting and the teeny bit of set look like they are of high quality as well. And hey, there is an actual Chinese looking person on the ship - so they've addressed that "problem" at any rate.

This thing I'm feeling... I think it's excitement - over a trailer! (Weird.) I now have a small, pesky bud of Hope that they've manage to plant inside of me. Crap.

God I miss "Firefly."
Damn it.
You're right, they nailed the music. And when the ship's security said he was Lux Lucre, I teared up.

And I still miss it too.
If the special effects are worthy, this will indeed be a film to savor and enjoy. :)
Well, the production values seem pretty high - I think this is going to come down to the script and the acting.

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