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September 14 2009

TV Squad article "Gone Too Soon: Firefly". Nice little article on TV Squad, but with some errors. As usual.

It is a nice article, and one that I think will gather quite a few new Recruits. Especially since it ends with a link to the Pilot on Hulu. As for the "errors"... well, we're stuck with the mythos, so deal with it. Correct folk's perceptions about it one at a time, and enjoy the 'Verse just like the rest of us. :D
@TDBrown - yes, ITA about the errors. I just get a leeeeetle bit annoyed when there are so many Whedon-related articles that could be utterly error free if writers just took a few minutes to fact-check.

But you are right - the bigger picture is that there are still people writing glowing articles about underrated gems like Firefly. Perhaps I should chill :)
It's the variety of opinion that keeps the fandom alive, KariAri.
Chill? Nah.... let's not get carried away lol.

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