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September 15 2009

"Mercy" poster. Check out the promo art for NBCs new medical drama (or dramedy?) "Mercy" co-starring Michelle Trachtenberg.

That's a pretty terrible tagline.
Lame-o tagline lol!
It really is. I'd have gone with "Some nurses clean shit up. Veronica gets shit done. Yo.". It's more of the street and so would attract the kids.

Also, hands of blue ! Run away, run away !
Saje's is way better, yo.
this show looks like Grey's Anatomy... with a nurse related twist!

I'm so mock-excited!

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-09-15 07:43 ]
Boy am I behind the times. I just noticed that Michelle's co-star is the same actress who played Rayna in Dollhouse's Stage Fright. Of course that really doesn't change the fact that this show really doesn't interest me.

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