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September 15 2009

Dollhouse featured in new "So Fox" promo. I think there's a glimpse of "Echo" and "Vows" in there.

Nice to see so much attention to Dollhouse!

< / sarcasm >

It's a "Blink and you'll miss it" kind of deal.

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But, on the bright side, at least they remembered that the show exists.
I like that they couldn't think up a word to describe the show.
Overall I thought this was the "hippest" FOX has ever been with a commercial. But it also reminded me of the McDonalds "Love to you smile" ads, which was a turnoff. I'm not gonna comment on the use or the length of the Dollhouse advertising within the commercial, because frankly, at least it's in there, but still....using "So Fox" was rather hilarious as when something good gets taken of the air, our immediate response is, "that's Fox for ya!" Apparently it's now become, "that's so Fox for ya!"
I couldn't get the video to load at the SpoilerTV site, so for anyone else who may have had that problem, here's the direct Youtube link.

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