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September 15 2009

New promo pics for Dollhouse Season 2. Spoiler TV has a bunch of new HQ shots.

Matrix-esque coat + katana = wtf?

Maybe they were going for the disparate personalities thing but it didn't really work... Now I wanna see promos where all the dolls are pieced together from different photos...
I guess no one else is getting tired of Echo's sprayed-on clothing and f**k-me footwear. Promo shots just ooze serious intent - "Hey,you can watch us with the sound off and still have a good time!!!".
I love the look of the Matrix coat picture, but I agree that it gives a pretty skewed depiction of what the show is actually about. I'm always afraid when the promos seem too action-y.
I have no issues with how the pictures are done. I think they're all quite great. However, a lot of them don't really seem to be portraying the show accurately. Apparently the only thing FOX can think of is to hand Eliza a weapon of some kind. And has anyone else noticed how different in tone the Eliza and Dichen promos always are? What’s up with that?

I don't mind the pictures but I'd have rathered them try and capture the feel of the show better. They could have done some great shots of Eliza in her pod.
Promo shots just ooze serious intent - "Hey,you can watch us with the sound off and still have a good time!!!".

I just wish there were some way to convey "But only if you have a Nielsen box or buy it on iTunes, otherwise you'll go blind !".

Some of the shots seem to be moving further from the premise, agreed. I guess if it brings more viewers in AND it's not so misleading that those viewers then immediately switch off then it's a good thing - i'm not snobby about who watches or why, so long as they keep watching or otherwise fiscally confirming their appreciation of the show then it's A Good Thing IMO.

(full disclosure: i've watched 'Charmed' with the sound off before. In fact over here it was actually marketed on one channel as "Hangover TV" presumably partly cos it played on Sunday mornings and partly cos it was chock full of pretty people of both sexes)
I guess if they'd given her a claymore it would've made the surprise, end-of-season Duncan MacCleod plot twist too obvious.
I'm getting sick of "Eliza as a slut" pictures. I watch Dollhouse to engage my mind, but these pictures are designed to engage... other body parts.
You sure? They just look like typical promo pics to me.
I guess if they'd given her a claymore it would've made the surprise, end-of-season Duncan MacCleod plot twist too obvious.

Yeah but the katana totally spoils the surprise end-of-season Connor MacLeod plot twist. There can be only one surprise end-of-season plot twist !
Brain fry. Too much gorgeous.
Simon, I'll admit I was using the phrase "these pictures" more collectively to mean all promo pictures for the show -- not exclusively this set. I know sex sells, and I know that exploitation is one of Dollhouse's themes... but I'm beginning to feel that the pictures are too much of a "hot Eliza" promo. Isn't this show criticizing exploitation? Oh well... If it attracts more viewers.
I think last season's promo pics were more relevant for the show than this season's.
Yep, I don't care who's watching as long as they're watching. But my worry is that, as Simon says, these promos as a whole seem to be drifting away from the heart of the show compared with those for the first series. That seems to me to be setting new viewers up for disappointment (bearing in mind that viewers baited with what seems like an action-based mission of the week type show may not want to be switched to a somewhat more cerebral, sometimes slower-paced examination of human morality).

Overall, I think most of the Dollhouse promo pics have been too photoshopped, too bland, and too facile. But that's probably par for the course with television promos these days.
Oh please, those pictures wasnt half as bad as you made me think. When it comes to exploitivness the sword picture of Eliza is quite decent compared to many of the earlier ones. And I like girls with swords and long coats, so not so much complainy here. She looks a bit like she needs to run to the loo though, with her toes pointed inward like that... :P

And whats with the "Eliza as a slut" thing? Early Faith was and dressed like a slut, but Eliza? No Sir, not in my book. Sure some of Echoes personalitys have been sluty indeed, but when it comes to the promopictures for Dollhouse I'd say the ones I've seen have been exploitiv, sometimes hot and a tad provocative, but never actually sluty. At least in my world women can be sexy, provocative and alluring without being considered sluts.

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