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September 15 2009

Hijinks Ensue comic on FOX's new space western. This from yesterday. Also, a link to io9 under the cartoon regarding Fox and a "Firefly-like" story.


...with a capital 'B'.

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I changed the title to make it clear what this is about. Some context in the title is helpful, especially for when people read the site headlines through news feeds.
I enjoy HE's comics with the evil fox exec.
I don't know what to think about this show but at least the comic is funny
Well... good luck to notFirefly, I suppose.
Thanks for the io9 explanation of what the show is...I was worried I would be tempted to watch the show...not worried anymore.
Laugh! Thought I'd die laughing of laughter, and of something else that's two parts chagrin, one part bitter regret and one part white-hot anger.

Shaken and shaken and shaken, poured over ice, and drunk while swearing softly and obscenely until it's all drunk up.

Grrr. Ha! This was quite funny - and the kittens were an especially nice touch, considering.

And grrr again.
One white and one sort of ginger tabby, a varied diet is so important. Also crunchy.

Must admit, though I am similarly all chagrined up the whazoo and actually just singed myself slightly such is the white-hottitude of my anger, the show sounds interesting from the brief description, a little bit like Stephen King's "Dark Tower" books by way of Jonah Hex. And i'm one of those people that (if i'd heard of it at the time) would've checked 'Firefly' out whether Joss was involved or not since I love sci-fi and westerns both. Will very likely take a look (assuming it even makes it to air).

And this is NuFox right ? So I don't feel quite as dirty.

(and funny comic, as is usually the case with Hijinks Ensue)
Hell, I'm sure I'll check it out too - no reason in the world not to. It's just the gall and wormwood of my affliction, and the fly in my ointment; it's got my knickers in a little bit of a twist.

Oh, and be sure to be careful if you do try to make and imbibe my NuFox Chagrin Cocktail recipe - it's hard not to choke while drinking and swearing.

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