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September 15 2009

Gina Torres cast in the next DC direct to DVD animation. She's voicing Superwoman in "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" which will be released on Spring 2010.

Gina has previously voiced Vixen in Justice League Unlimited TV series.

It really does sound like Grant Morrison's Earth-2 tale.
Yeah from that summary it sounds similar (though Alexander Luthor does tend to pop up whenever there's a Crisis [story]).

Great cast that. I was sceptical at first and think the consistency has been a bit patchy but these separate "bubble world" takes on the DCAU are pretty cool, liking the variety ('Wonder Woman' is probably the best as a complete film so far IMO but they've all had something to recommend them).
Weird, I thought the Wonder Woman one was the weakest so far (not counting the Batman outing, which was mostly shorts), my favorite from these recent direct-to-dvd movies is the adaptation of New Frontier, but as Saje said, there~s something to recommend in all of them.
I liked 'Gotham Knight' too though they varied in quality and some (probably partly because they were shorts) felt a bit slight. That said, I may be a bit less objective than usual where Batman's concerned ;).

WW I really liked though, I thought the story hung together marginally better than "New Frontier" (which I also liked), the humour was funnier and the themes were a bit more interesting (they mis-stepped a few times near the end IMP but on balance, good). My least favourite so far is probably the Superman one but even that had a really interesting, fresh take on Lex Luthor by James Marsters.
Derived from the Earth-3 of the 1956-1985 DC continuity. I kinda liked Superwoman in her first appearance. "Volthoom!"

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