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September 15 2009

(SPOILER) Big Joss news: Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible and Cabin updates. Sci-Fi Wire interviews Joss after a Fox party Monday night.

Shit. Big news?! *covers eyes while mouse hovers over the link*

How spoilery is it? Please. Anyone?
Yeah, if Cabin's coming in February, we should start to see at least teasers for it attatched to this October's Halloween movies, no ? Full trailers by November maybe ?

I hadn't heard that the idea of Dr. Horrible on the big screen had been thrown around. Heh, they could air the internet serial, the original, as the trailer on TV.
Universal, release Goners into the wild so it can be free again.

So say we all.

eta: Breathestory it's spoilery for Dollhouse. The Dr. Horrible news is just that they've been working on writing it, which we knew already.

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BreathesStory: major spoilers for Vows and for Summer and Alexis's roles. No spoilers for Dr. Horrible or CitW.
I wish the press would stop dropping "The" from "The Cabin in the Woods"

But more importantly, to steal from Simon on Twitter: FREE GONERS.
I still find it amusing my last Goners Movie dot com blog post was one asking for MGM to pick up a Joss movie. I may resurrect it for Free Goners.
I went to go post that Goners line to What Is Mia Made Of and discovered I really need to upgrade its WordPress installation.

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As Simon said on twitter:

Free Goners.

It's been bagged and tagged, now it needs to be released into the wild.

As free as the wind blows - ya know, born free to follow its heart... and stuff.

ETF: Lyrics. I'll be forgettin' me own name next.

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Thanks, guys. I appreciate the heads up.
Ooh, where can I get the free Goners?

I am really looking forward to some big news for all of these things. Especially Cabin.
Sorry, they're all Gone. *cue groans*
Free Goners, I definitely agree with that sentiment

Nice to get a few details on Dollhouse,I can't wait for the new season. or for TCitW. I need more Whedon in my life. always.
Maybe if Dollhouse Season 2 takes off in a big way, Cabin does immensely well (or even just profits fairly admirably), and Dr. Horrible 2 does big numbers in whatever format it lands on...heck even if just two of those three projects get the attention of Universal execs, maybe they'll resurrect Goners and not have to set it free. I wouldn't hate to see it put out by Universal, they treated Serenity well enough.

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I got the impression from somebody at Universal they weren't to hot on Goners in the end. Be free, I say.
ETF: Lyrics. I'll be forgettin' me own name next.

That's exactly how it goes QG - "own name" is directly after "the lyrics to 'Born Free'" but before "what I came into the kitchen for". You'd think own name would be ranked higher except every now and again it's "to turn off the gas" which evolution, in all its non-teleological wisdom, has deemed a priority memory.

And yep, free the 'Goners' one ! No taxation without Mianisation !
gossi: I got the impression from somebody at Universal they weren't to hot on Goners in the end.

We got the impression directly from Joss at the Mutant Enemy Day picnic that they weren't too hot on Goners in the end.

Saje: Two days after seeing "Taking Woodstock" - which we liked, by the way - when asked by friends what we had just seen, neither Mr. QuoterGal nor I could remember what it was until we'd worked it out together. It took about five minutes.

It was kinda Senior Moment Scary... and we're not that old - especially the Mr., who is somewhat younger than I.

(And I naturally hadda look up "Mianisation" - and found just one google/yahoo/dogpile/vivisimo, etc. hit - an unsearchable pdf with text as image. Dude. WTF is it? You are one of the teasiest men ever.)
Even though I am spoiler-averse, I always must read interviews with Joss. He normally won't reveal anything he wants to keep secret (see: Cabin). But I wish they wouldn't discuss unaired Dollhouse episodes!

Free Goners! I know next to nothing about it, but knowing Joss wrote it is enough.
Wouldn't Mr. QuoterGal be QuoterGuy?

I think Saje was referring to the character Mia. Not that I know anything about Goners other than that there is a character named Mia. I may even be wrong about that. ;-)
Yep, that's it AnotherFireflyFan, the name 'Mia' being more or less all I remember about 'Goners' (there was a discussion on here about what the name might mean back when it was still a going prospect).

Rest easy QG, your Google-fu is still strong, even the Greatly Enzeroed One deals badly with entirely made up words (sorry if I just slayed some beautiful hypothesis you'd constructed as to its meaning, just think of me as Ugly Fact Guy ;).
Not Ugly Fact Guy at'all - truth is beauty and beauty is truth, or somesuch poetical demagoguery philosophy. ; >

Anyway, that's all I know. On Earth. Probably not all I need to know, though. Maybe I should learn to drive and do math, just to be on the safe side.

AnotherFireflyfan: ; > 1) Mr. QuoterGal and I think it's More Of The Funny with the "Gal" in it. 2) Minus any stalker-y or inappropriate/boundary implications, Joss is QuoterGuy.
Randomly: The copyright office's 2005 record for Goners lists the title simple as "A Movie". "Goners" doesn't seem to be overtly used in a copyright document until the 2007 "short form option" (part of a copyright office filing, apparently, which details that a project is tied up and for how long).
Some guy wrote:
Oh, that's Goners. The news broke about it a few years before I even knew who Joss Whedon was.
I feel so old.

Anyway, this didn't really seem like Big Joss News to me. Guess they don't know his fans are all fanatical enough to eagerly check out "Joss says nothing new really" too.
Your name is "QuoterGal."

The guy with the glasses is Giles. G-I-L-E-S.

Hope that helped.
ShockTillYouDrop's sources say that the trailer for "Cabin" looks "very cool and very "Evil Dead"-ish"... which was exactly what I was afraid of, pretty much.

Hope it's not true or at least to the degree that I fear it may be.
Interesting. So the trailer's already put together, or at least a version of it? I got the impression from this article that they weren't even at that stage. Though I guess a rough trailer isn't that hard to whip up.
Thank you, barboo - I should probably have "QuoterGal" tattooed on my arm, or maybe sewn into all my underwears.

So... the guy with the glasses living in the house with me is named Giles?
Well he must be, he has glasses after all, it stands to reason.

..."very cool and very "Evil Dead"-ish"... which was exactly what I was afraid of, pretty much.

Weren't you the person worried it was going to be camp J Linc ? Evil Deads III and especially II struck me as camp. The first one was a straight-up horror movie though, just as Joss has said Cabin is.
... Although Sam Raimi and Co. perhaps attempted to play the first "Evil Dead" film straight, come on: a tree raping someone? The almost candy-red-colored blood? If that's not campy I don't know what is.
Hmm, isn't that just cheap mixed with a slightly "gonzo" horror aesthetic rather than camp ? The blood is a function of budget (probably partly effects and partly lighting etc.) and amateurism, as are the cheesy melting plasticene effects and yep, the tree vines aren't that convincing either. Nonetheless, the film itself isn't enjoyable (to some of us) because it's cheesy with scenes deliberately exaggerated for ironic/comic appeal which is what I understand 'camp' to mean (in the way "Evil Dead II" most assuredly is for instance).

To me the tree rape is still pretty horrible for instance, I don't find it in the least bit humorous or knowing, there's no winking at the audience (i.e. the idea might sound camp, the implementation not so much). We might laugh at "Evil Dead" because of the bad effects etc. but camp is more about laughing with something.

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