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September 15 2009

Ray Wise joins the Dollhouse cast. Actor that fans of Twin Peaks and Reaper know and love has taken a "potentially recurring role."

So, so awesome.

This actually excites me more than Bamber or Hogan.
Oh damn. I just had this all typed up and ready to post. Ausiello didn't tweet fast enough, so I blame him.

Anyway, This is quality news. I really enjoyed watching him in Reaper. Tara and Michele must have been all over this.
This is such great news! Love Wise!
I'm trying to reconcile the awesome guest news for this season with the lower budget. Is it a "I'll work for nothing to be on a Joss show?" Cause if so, awesome!
He was incredible as the Devil in Reaper. Good news.
Part of me wonders if this is part of the slow build, don't have an ad budget strategy: Cast the !@#$ out of the show this season, which is going to bring in the curious.
Wow, I've only seen this guy in one episode of Reaper (the pilot), but I'm still really excited. I liked him a lot.
You've never watched Twin Peaks, Jobo?
I haven't. I get the feeling I should, what with all the people liking it. But that's an area where I'm sadly lacking.
The awesomeness just keeps coming. He's in everything, but still, really great. Alexis, Keith Carradine and now Ray Wise! Woot!
Twin Peaks is my favourite non-Joss show ever, and he was one of the best things in it. I'm as excited as I could possibly be over a piece of casting news.
His performance in Twin Peaks is the best performance in the series, from start to finish.
Awesome! add me to the list who's never seen twin peaks (I'll get to it someday) but I really liked him on Reaper, I think he'll be brilliant
I'm trying to reconcile the awesome guest news for this season with the lower budget. Is it a "I'll work for nothing to be on a Joss show?" Cause if so, awesome!

It does seem like most of the guest stars have connections to someone(s) on the show, so maybe it's favor calling. Joss said last season he didn't want it to just be a party for his friends...but then he probably realized that would be cheaper. At least you don't have to go through casting/auditions.
Best news I've heard all week! Now all that's missing is someone from DS9 and Oz and all my favourite shows (Buffy, Homicide, Terminator, Battlestar... ) will be represented.
Thisis great news. It means that my daughter, a Buffy fan long before me (and seriously if I'd known what my 8 year old was watching, would she have been allowed to continue?)got me started watching Buffy and Angel, will watch Dollhouse with me now.

She's a huge Twin Peaks fan and therefore will watch anything with Ray Wise in it. Just last night we were talking about how she just starts watching things because I do, but because she didn't get into the first episode so she hasn't watched Dollhouse. The circle of Jossness is somehow complete.
Big frakkin yes! Was abso devo about Reaper not being picked up and a huge part of my love for that show was Ray. The relationship between the Devil and Sam was always the greatest thing about that show, their duo scenes rocked the casbar. Can't wait to see some Wise on DH. Can't wait for DH full stop.
Twin Peaks - favorite show ever.

He's gonna be FANTASTIC in Dollhouse!

I am soooooo excited for this season. I finally got two of my friends to polish of the season box set I had picked up - so that's two more viewers for season two.

Saw this and screamed "Oh my motherf***ing God!" several times. I lovvvvvveee Ray Wise and Twin Peaks. Day made.
Man, we are totally spoiled with guest stars this season and it's not even started yet. Ray Wise, as has been noted, rules muchly. You do have to wonder if there might be an element of "mates rates" to it given the reported budget cuts but whatev, we get to just sit back and reap the rewards.

Now all that's missing is someone from DS9...

Wouldn't hate seeing Alexander Siddig or Rene Auberjonois turn up (maybe client and Adelle's boss, respectively ?).
OMG Leland Palmer!!! I'm in love!! Fantastic news, Dollhouse!

Now I want Sheryl Lee as a doll...
I only ever saw the first season of Twin Peaks, rented it back when it came out on DVD (only that and I think either the pilot movie and/or Fire Walk With Me were on disc, Season 2 only came recently with the Complete Series set). I don't remember him for some reason. Kyle MacLachlan is the only one I remember very well (and the dwarf that played Samson on Carnivale), though I know Lara Flynn Boyle, Grace Zabriskie, and a few other recognizables who're still working regulargly were also in it. Damn, I'd managed to avoid spoilers too for the killer, I thought it was that weird possibly Native American dude (Bob or Joe or something--Season 1 wasn't forthcoming with answers). I'm still not sure if I've seen the pilot or not, if it was included on the original Season 1 set as the first episode, or if it's something else. Also woefully behind on David Lynch films, only seen Blue Velvet. Has he done anything noteworthy since Mulhullond Dr. ?

Don't remember Ray Wise from anything aside from 24, where he played Vice President Gardner in several episodes of Season 5 and a lot of fans seemed to think he was gonna turn out to be evil.

I didn't know he was Swamp Thing (didn't know that was a Wes Craven movie either--and I always forget about early comic book movies like that), so I guess I saw him in that when I was pretty young. He even did a voice in the short-lived `90s cartoon for that. He's been in a lot of TV shows I've seen, but I don't remember his roles.
Dollhouse season 2 keeps picking up amazing guest stars. It's gonna be an amazing ride with so much talent on board!
Yay! That is so awesome. "Presence and humor" fits him wonderfully!
Kris, regarding your Twin Peaks watching, you've only seen the first season minus the pilot episode. It wasn't included on the original first season box set, unfortunately. As for other Lynch films - Inland Empire is the newest, which includes footage of his online series Rabbits, also starring Naomi Watts. Extremely eerie, honestly. And yeah, I didn't realize Ray Wise was Swamp Thing either.....I loved those movies - especially the campy second one.
Thanks for the Twin Peaks info.

I don't think Wise did the second Swamp Thing. I didn't catch it on his IMDB credits list, although they could just be incomplete. Didn't know they made a second.
Wow, this is great news! Such a talented actor. Twin Peaks is one of my fave shows also.
Amazing news. I'm still sad that we won't get to see Amy Acker much this season but the list of guest stars for this season is impressive.
All these great actors Joss is adding to Dollhouse this season is blowing my mind! Keep it up, Your Purpleness!!:)
I just loved Twin Peaks! And yes, it is one of the my all-time favorite shows too.
Kris, ah, that's because he wasn't actually Swamp Thing. I just checked. It was a different actor who actually played Swamp Thing, and it was that actor that appeared in the sequel. The second one is kinda like the feel you get when watch Gremlins and Gremlins 2....the tones are extremely different but fun.

Obligatory pleading for Andre Braugher next.
They already snagged Andre Braugher for House, but it would definitely be fun to see him on DH next.

If we're talking requests, I'd like Garret Dillahunt please.
His performance in Twin Peaks is the best performance in the series, from start to finish.

Kyle MacLachlan's special agent Cooper also made quite an impression on me, but Wise was indeed terrific.

Wouldn't hate seeing Alexander Siddig or Rene Auberjonois turn up (maybe client and Adelle's boss, respectively ?).

I wouldn't hate that either. Wouldn't hate it at all. But I'm quite content with what we got already.

And for the record, Twin Peaks is great, but if you ask me the West Wing was the best non-Joss show ever. Though I'm saying that while I never managed to watch my way through S5. S1-S4 were just that great. And apparantly Ray Wise also had one of his many guest spots on the post Sorkin West Wing, so now my ramblings are actually back on topic again.

ETA: And if were requisting actors, just having watched The Boat That Rocked, I'm going to request Jack Davenport.

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I'm late to join the choir, but yay to this fantastic actor joining the show..
Even though I always have the feeling that his character will turn out to be the
No, seriously, he's great, and it's great that Joss has him on board!
Wouldn't it make a lot of sense if Ray Wise's character was the CEO of Rossum, and really the guy behind what would happen in Epitaph One? The cast additions alone guarantee this will be a better season that last.
Now, if I could only find a DVD screener for the season opener, and a "Dollhouse Activewear t-shirt", too.
Awesome, he played a The Devil brilliantly in Reaper. I can't wait for Season 2 to start.
Isn't any role on a Joss show "potentially recurring?" Lorne, Tara, Anya, Saffron, "Anne." All kinda one-shot characters that stuck around, thankfully.

Edited to say "Unless of course they die" but then remembered how little death has to do with a character leaving the Jossverse.

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If you're drawing a blank with the name, chances are high you've seen him, if you've been facing any kind of screen the past 58 years or so. Check out this list of credits.

Wise has true presence, and can do more with stillness and his eyes than should be humanly possible. Gold star to the DH casting department. Again.
Brilliant casting! He was my favorite part of Reaper and can play slimy like no one else! Love it! Simply awesome bday news for me! Yay!
It is happening again.

Ray Wise just f@#$ing rules. Agreed - he was the best part of Reaper, and big, BIG love for Twin Peaks. This is all manner of awesome.
Awesome casting. Trying to remember what was the last thing I saw with Ray Wise, it wasn't Reaper though, it was some guest spot in some recent show.
He was in Psych two or three weeks ago.
Awesome casting. Trying to remember what was the last thing I saw with Ray Wise

Have you played Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 recently?
Did maybe Fazekas & Butters have a hand in that casting?

And I guess it was completely inevitable, but that article just spoiled Twin Peaks for me (we're right in the middle of Season 1). :(
Damn - after all these years of never getting around to watching season 2 of Twin Peaks I've been spoiled by Michael Ausiello. I guess I can't complain, but it's annoyed me.
You've all the right to complain. It's a damn shame and the comment was totally unnecessary really. Not to trow salt in your wounds, but it's really a classic reveal, the strongest moment in the series, if you ask me. I'm not going to say more to avoid spoiling it any further. Hope you still can enjoy that moment and the rest of the series wiesengrund and flugfrelsarinn.
I've never seen Twin Peaks (and am unspoiled so not clicking on the link) but I loved him in Reaper. He was such a good Devil that I have trouble trusting him when he's playing another character. But there isn't much reason to trust in Dollhouse, so that's actually pretty fitting. I'm looking forward to season 2 of Dollhouse.

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I'm beginning to agree with the comment I read that Dollhouse is becoming the geek equivalent of The Love Boat. :)

Everyone should see Ray Wise in Good Night and Good Luck. Great film.

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