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"It gets exponentially prefixy."
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September 15 2009

(SPOILER) What's going on inside the Dollhouse for season 2? Joss, Tahmoh and Eliza talk about the new storylines for the upcoming season (only 10 days to go).

"It's a sit-com now, so that's different."
Freakin' hilarious!
I don't know if everyone gets the same pre-video advertisement. But mine started with, "you've heard of infrared technology" with Dollhouse-y colors and font and things. I totally though we had a new preview. How disappointing!

And hah! at: "Obsessed is a strong word." I adore Tahmoh. Even if I'll never say his name right.
(only 10 days to go)

Crap. The page I've been checking for premiere dates is wrong, then. I've been checking this page, which says the premiere is this Friday, the 18th.

That'll teach me for being lazy and just typing "2009 fall premieres" into Google. I shoulda gone to a Dollhouse fan site before getting all excited.

Boo,, boooooo!
dispatch, I thought the premiere was gonna be the 18th too, so boo.
Anyways, I am so excited about the new season!!
And doesn't Tahmoh just get hotter everytime you see him? Or is it just me?
Shawna Trpcic says Dollhouse scripts are like Firefly in that she can't wait until each next one.
It was originally the 18th, but it got pushed back a week. That's probably where the wrong information comes from.\

Hey, no more beard!
He probably shaved for the Emmys.

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