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September 16 2009

(SPOILER) Tiny scoop about Dr. Saunders in "Vows". TV Guide tells us a bit about Jamie Bamber's role in "Vows" and about what sort of questions Dr. Saunders might ask herself in the Dollhouse Season 2 premiere. Lots of spoilers for other shows as well.

Those questions they pose aren't things I would have even considered asking. I just figured they changed up some key memories of the original Dr. Saunders (such as what sort of anatomy belonged) and just sort of slapped them in with more or less the same degree of autonomy.

Had they not revealed her to be Whiskey then I could have reasoned that Dr. Saunders was a Topher-esque employee that felt more comfortable in that environment, especially with the scars which'd make her a bit more reclusive from the outside world. It's interesting that they'd go around then and futz with his/her mind. (Or that presumably Topher feels so much guilt or concern that he wouldn't report Saunder figuring out who she is.)
That reminds me of the glimpse of an online-dating site Dr. Saunders was visiting in ASITHOL.
They're exploring the flip side of the consent question? Excellent.
Since some descriptions have said that Dr. Saunders "targets Topher" with her concerns, I wonder if she makes advances on him.

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