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September 16 2009

Jane Espenson comments on Caprica rumours. Reacting to weekend speculation about her show, she told Airlock Alpha that "I'm absolutely thrilled with the work my writers have done".

Thank god for that. If nothing else I wanna see what wee Jimmy does with his new character. *g*
Jane has been pretty enthusiastic about the Caprica scripts, judging by her Tweets. She did mention the Olympics and scheduling yesterday:

Gahh! Olympics! Why do you hate television production so much? You aren't even happening yet!

So it sounds like that situation is just getting taken out of context.
When is Caprica premiering?
Jan. 22 on SyFy.
As someone who lives near Vancouver I can confirm that the Olympics are definitely having an effect (just in case you didn't believe...!). Jane has been very enthusiastic about Caprica on Twitter and I'm glad she's laid the rumours to rest.

I waited a long time to watch the Caprica DVD, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm really looking forward to the series.

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