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September 17 2009

The many faces of Juliet. Juliet Landau has created a new (non-flash) site to share some of the various photo shoots she has done.

She is such a stunning lady. Yum
Very cool. Usually these galleries are just, well, eye candy (not that there's anything wrong with that) but Juliet's are actually pretty intriguing. Artistic without being artsy. And pics 8 thru 10 make clear she would make an excellent Agent 99.
These pictures are awesome. She's so disconcerting and versatile.
I've seen most of them before, but am still stunned.
Amazing. I can't tell if that object she's leaning on in the first pic is glass or wood. Truly artistic/creative.

It's easy for a photographer to screw up Juliet's appearance; she needs to be photgraphed "just right" somehow. When she is, well, to quote Johnny Weismuller, "N'gawa!" Or, to quote myself, she can put the hubcaps in hubba-hubba.

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