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September 17 2009

Nicholas Brendon to chat with 'Criminal Minds' fans tonight. Nicholas will stop by the "Criminal Minds Fanatic" chatroom at 9 p.m. Eastern to discuss his work as Kevin Lynch on the show.

There's an email address at the link for the moderators -- you need to email them to request a password for the chat.

I love you, Nick! I'll try to think of some decent questions :)
I just read the rules, and if I understand it correctly I don't actually get to "chat" with Nick at all. All questions go through a mod and basically we're just in the chat room...watching others chat? I have never joined one of these chat things. Am I understanding all of this correctly? Anyone else get the rules and care to elaborate?
I just got the rules this morning, too. Haven't had time to read through them all yet.
This site doesn't even post transcripts. Taking the exclusivity a bit far.

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