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September 17 2009

(SPOILER) Highlights from today's Joss Whedon conference call. This was conducted to promote Dollhouse and has tidbits about Ray Wise's role. There's a bit more coverage of the event at SF Universe. And the most comprehensive account so far can be found at and SCI FI Wire.

Thanks to Jobo for the heads up on the SF link.

Is this the same thing I posted a minute after you, just from a different source? That'd solve a mystery for me.
Yes it is. I'm going to add your link to this one to keep all the coverage together.
My favorite bit? “I want to know what post-apocalyptic future was caused by Two and a Half Men.”

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You can't go wrong with a Joss interview. Someone needs to collect all the major ones together in a book.
My comments are all in reference to the article:

"... the base doesn’t have to be as broad for the studio to decide to eek out another season."

"eek out" - gotta be one of the most apt transcription spelling errors ever.

; >

And this from Joss was sweetly funny or funnily sweet, whichever you prefer:

"I love each and everyone of you very much, possibly inappropriately."


"Joss Whedon sounds like he’s realized his mistake from last season, which was not listening to his own instincts and always doing what his heart said was best."

Yeah, I dunno if Joss' having to deal w/ notes from studio execs who are essentially his bosses and who thought the show was supposed to be a certain thing, when he intended it to be another and clearly superior thing was Joss' mistake, exactly - though we're not privy to the sequence of events, nor those notes, this has been spun a number of different ways.

But regardless of the different opinions about how the first few shows ended up kinda flat and impoverished, as always my money is on Joss for knowing the best way to make his shows. Seriousfully.

Looking forward to this season with much anticipation and my "nurturing and intense" fannish attention. ; >
I agree with QG on trusting Joss. This isn't just blind adoration either. I absolutely loved the unaided pilot (Joss's 1st instinct on how to begin the series), so I'm certain that increasing his creative lattitude will strengthen the show's quality. has some very good coverage so I've added that to the entry.
I hope the DC Dollhouse has the cleverer programmer. Partially because I want to watch Topher deal with that but also because I want to watch Summer Glau be brilliant.
Summer can kill Topher with her brain.

Bennett programs everyone to beat up everyone else.
I think it's interesting that what they're thinking about now re: the future storyline is going back to it at the end of this thirteen episodes. Originally, I had assumed that was going to be the plan all along, season-capping "epitaph" episodes (One, Two, Three, et cetera).
I hope they do, but I imagine it would be hard to do Epitaph Two when One never aired. But I guess if Dollhouse does well enough to get to episode 13, maybe Fox will air the first one, since it doesn't (I assume) feel out of place wherever it ends up...

I dunno. Just seems more difficult to pull off than the occasional flash to the future in an episode. But maybe not, I guess they could make it as standalone as the first one.
You can't go wrong with a Joss interview. Someone needs to collect all the major ones together in a book.

You type truth. I love Joss interviews and would most definitely buy the book.
Wait, new intro sequence? Did I just read that?

That's huge.
Yeah I'm excited to see the new intro as well. It used to be one of my favourite things about a new season of Btvs and Ats.
Been checking some of the new shows, and the lack of a proper opening sequence always depresses me.
I was so glad while watching the premiere of Dollhouse that the tradition of a great opening sequence was kept. Glad we're getting a update in the new season, it was always great to see the changes from the opening sequences from season to season in Buffy and Angel, and it's just sad that Firefly never got the chance to have that.
I hope the new intro includes other cast members. I never liked the Eliza-only intro of S1, and if S2's eps will focus more on the full ensemble then it'd be good for the intro to reflect that.
*sigh* i love Joss quotes.... enough said.
I saw the "highlights from" and thought it couldn't be to much information, even for a spoiler-phobe like me.

Turned out there were a couple of things I'd rather not have known in advance (like Summer and Ray Wise's specific roles). So it's back to "no spoiler tagged reading" for me.

As for the other links, I'll wait and check them out, at some point well into the season.
A Joss interview is just so hard to resist, he's always so entertaining (cue chorus of "duuh") :).
And Glau's part is "eccentric" and totally different from anything you've seen before.

Bold claim.

Still, I like how we're being told ahead of time that she's going to be eccentric. That will certainly be a huge change of the pace from the normal, down-to-earth characters we're used to seeing her play.
The first link appears to be having a problem, I am getting blocked for security reasons on two different computers.....

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