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September 17 2009

Teaser for the next season of Dollhouse. Words are good, we'll take all the help we can get.

Still waiting for that season 2 trailer.

It's just not exciting without any sound. :(
Try humming The A-Team theme.
If you'd like I could upload another one, with me doing a deep breathy voiceover. ;)
I think the La Femme Nikita song works.
The premiere is a week away and it has only been promoted once. Hell, we still don't even have a proper trailer.
I liked that but I wish we'd get promos with actual footage!
The premiere is a week away and it has only been promoted once.

This is actually untrue. In addition to the ad a couple weeks back during Spider-Man 2, we know for a fact one aired during Glee last night -- but during an ad break most affiliates preempt to advertise their upcoming newscasts. Stations somewhere in Maine, Ohio, and Utah aired the new ad, but we've yet to scare up anyone who recorded it.

This also means, in theory, that an ad could have been in rotation for the past week or so, but if it's in preemptable ad breaks, most people are probably not seeing it.
I liked that but I wish we'd get promos with actual footage!

Well, this isn't really even a promo. It's the last segment in the graphics package from the FOX publicity site. I just figured, in the absence of anything, people might at least like to read words.
The sad thing is this would be a good trailer if it had footage and music and was on the air where people could see it. People not us.
Part of this was definitely in the ad during Glee that I only saw half a second of before it was preempted. I remember seeing "It's a house of Love" and a quick shot of Amy.
The entire promo last night was nakedness and guns.

Besides letting people know the show was still on, they DEFINITELY didn't miss much.
Back to the House of Pain!
I am working on getting a trailer out there.

Like. A lot.
Thanks for your efforts, gossi!

I'm starting to consider preparing food and putting it in a basket and taking it somewhere and...Ok, no. Not gonna do it.

Maybe this is a new approach? Dollhouse started last year with so much riding on it. Maybe they think if they don't promote it a lot people will just come across it and be like "Oh hey, this is that show. It aint bad!"

I dunno.
I think this actually indicates an entirely new direction for the show - towards the end there are definitely little speckly UFOs apparently flying over LA. And people poo-pooed my alien invasion plot idea. Or would've if i'd suggested one.

In my head I heard The Voice of Cheese™ reading the text out. Turns out that was a mistake since it actually put me off watching season 2 but I hope you all enjoy it. Should've gone with The A-Team theme after all.

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