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September 18 2009

Some brief, unspoilery thoughts about "Vows". It's The One True b!X, liking the Dollhouse premiere, because "it does very much feel like a less job-stressed Whedon who was able just to relax and go where his writing wanted to take him".

I'm glad that the engagements are taking on a B-story quality. I always thought the interactions within the Dollhouse were the most interesting.
What ShanshuBugaboo said. Thanks guys, for a little unspoilery tidbit.

Getting really excited now. I just hope we don't have any technical glitches like the blackout of the last ten minutes of last night's season premier of Fringe.
Or "pink-out". I don't know if it's the same for everyone (I have DishNet) but since the change to HD, the old "blue screen" has turned pink.
Thanks b!X.

I have a sense of peace going into season 2. We'll get to see Dollhouse as Joss envisions it. Even if there is no season 3 (which I hope there is), we'll get to see a full season relatively unshackled by studio notes. (Not that studio notes are evil, it's just that they alter the original view of the show's creator.)
Appetite whetted.

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