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September 18 2009

Dollhouse number 11 in UK DVD charts. A respectable position for Fox Home Entertainment here I think considering it's on a niche network.

Considering the competition, I'm more than satisfied with that.
That's pretty incredible given that a) No other tv show is on it, b) It's had no PR over here whatsoever apart from some folk at the Guardian saying it's pretty great. I guess a lot of that is everyone who pre-ordered it off Amazon getting it last week (the wife and I have three episodes and then the bonus two left!).
From what I could see it was the ownly box set on the list, and considering when I went into my local WH Smith they weren't even selling it, it's a good position.
I was wondering if it could be this high up due to European sales...
I went to my local HMV last week and it was totally sold out. I'm guessing they must have under-estimated the demand for a new Joss Whedon show even though it's only shown on Sci-Fi here.

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