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September 18 2009

(SPOILER) Casting call details for Dollhouse episode 2x07. No title yet for this particular episode.

Interesting that the episode will feature both Spanish and Arabic -speaking guest starts.
I would suggest Yigal Naor for the role of Talik Rak Amin, he's a very good actor.
Do we think "HUGE GUEST STAR" means a simply ginormous actress of immense height and/or girth? Or does it mean like Salma Hayek big?

Okay, I actually do know the answer to that.
How about Alexander Siddig as Talik Rak Amin? Really liked his performance as Doctor Julian Bashir on Deep Space 9, wouldn't mind seeing him again.

ETA: And getting some Trekkies to check out Dollhouse couldn't hurt.

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