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September 18 2009

Want to watch Team Horrible win an Emmy, here's your chance. The Creative Arts Emmy Award are now airing on E! it just started so you still have time to catch the win. Not to mention seeing the other verse guest in attendance. (YouTube link in comments.)

Hopefully it will show up on the internet eventually.
Just saw Seth Green. :D

BTW - We are getting close to Team Horrible taking the stage.

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Thanks for the notice, RavenU. I turned it on just in time to see the award.
Now who's YouTubing it?

Some of us don't have cable, after all.
Yes! Can't wait to see it! If some lovely could post it to You Tube, I would be very happy!
Here ya go. Correct-ish aspect ratio is there and higher quality now.

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Some of us live in other countries too, je.
That is the weirdest screen ratio I've ever seen, zeitgeist.
Haha - it's natively 720p, but the way Hava exported it was 4:3 of a barred 16:9 tv displaying a 4:3... trying to take the original source mpeg and remash it :)
Oh, thanks so much, zeitgeist.

"... the greatest expression of rebellion is: joy."

Jossir done made me cry again.

See how he does that!?! Man. That's a power for good he has right there.
Changed link, didn't have all my usual video editing tools installed after migrating to an SSD primary hard drive. Should be better, though.
Thanks zeitgeist! Joss was awesome, as always, and so were the expressions on all of their faces. Lovely.
Thank you so much, zeitgeist. I got rather choked up watching that. Exquisite acceptance words by Joss and such joy to see all those other beaming faces up there. It's about damned time. The Dr. Horrible crew are extraordinarily talented, each and every one of them.
That is simply remarkable, Joss goes from comedy to truism like no one else. Thanks so much for the link! :)
*grins* - that was great. "greatest expression of rebellion is joy" gets a great big yes from me! Been there, done that, felt it.
bubblecat, Joss's fabulous statement (a slogan waiting to happen, methinks) also got a great big yes from the audience at the Creative Emmys, didn't it? I'm thinking plenty of writers who went through the strike were in that big room. It was wonderful to hear the crowd appreciation of what Joss said (also of his original joking comment about the unwieldiness of the category the Dr. Horrible crew were winning the award for).
Big yay for Joss and his awesomeness!
Does anyone know if his comments were edited down? They slashed all the acceptance speeches before his to bits, especially towards the end.
Will the show repeat sometime over the weekend?
E!online was not very helpful on that question. I couldn't tell beans from their site.
Oh that is really cool, I was blown away just hearing the 'Doctor Horrible' theme being played by the orchestra (it sounds great w/a full orchestra!)! I love Joss' acceptance speech, the the joy on the faces of everyone on stage with him. Congratulations to all!
Maurissa confirms that the speech got cut up a bit. I hope someone can get hold of the non-edited tape eventually!
Send a tweet to the Emmys asking them to put it on their YouTube channel (they have one).
That was pure joy! (the rebellious variety). ;)

I missed the damned show, I hope an uncut acceptance video goes up soon.

Joss is both eloquent and funny, even cut up. Umm .... ya know what I mean. :)
I lucked out and started watching about 10 minutes before Joss & Co. came on. I would love to see what else he had to say. Anyone else think a t-shirt is in order?

Wonder if Doc would sell a t-shirt with Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer fighting over an Emmy.

Sending Emai.....

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