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September 19 2009

"Open Graves" Co-Starring Eliza Dushku Tonight on Syfy at 9/8c. The long-shelved independent horror film co-starring a certain Echo is finally being released (albeit on cable TV).

Are these ever any good? Ever?

Serious question, not a snark.
I think Eliza did this as a favor to a filmmaker friend...or maybe that was a different movie.

It seems like this is just a more "dire consequences" version of Jumanji.
Are these ever any good? Ever?

Not really but they are usually worth watching just to see your favourite actors in them.
Remember: this isn't a Syfy-produced movie but an independent film that Syfy picked up.
I remember seeing a behind the scenes featurette on this movie and was amazed at some of the makeup and effects, because it only had a 6 million dollar budget.

It was originally only going to be released in Spain.
I just watched it and actually I thought it was much more imaginative and intelligent than most SyFy produced movies or, heck, most of the franchise horrors that have come out recently. At least it had a plot and everything. Spain has some badass film makers so it isn't surprising that it was made in Spain. Sum up: reminded me a little of Dario Argento.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. A few so-so moments, but overall, pretty solid. Certainly better than most movies I see on SyFy.
RazorBlade, it is/was NOT a Syfy-produced movie.
The trick is to not watch it on SyFy. By the time they edit it for time and content, and stick their commercials in it, even a good B grade movie will look like a D grade one.

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