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September 19 2009

The Emmys are going to be 'Horrible'. Ausiello confirms that "Neil Patrick Harris will headline a Dr. Horrible-themed production number". ETA: Dr Horrible has a plan.

This sounds incredible - I was hoping for something like this. It looks like Dr. H is going to be seen by more people than ever before.

Awesomeness indeed!
This is fantastic news.
Oooohh. We'll certainly be doing coverage of the event.
It'll be interesting to see if whatever the Horrible production team was filming a few weeks ago surfaces during the Emmys too.
FWIW, I find it funny that Ausiello needed a "source" when anyone actually paying attention to the hints was basically able to have a pretty good idea of this two weeks ago.
Yes, but you've just said "a pretty good idea". Ausiello says his source "confirmed". So clearly he already had the same "pretty good idea" that we all did and has now had that idea confirmed. By his "source".
We don't know what he did or did not think. He might have just thought "hmm NPH is hosting, I wonder if he'll do anything". Which is not the same as following the bouncing ball for the past two weeks. Just sayin'.

Disclosure: I have an anti-Ausiello bias which invariably colors any discussion I have.

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I'm also wondering what other members of the Horrible team will be part of this. Nathan is 3000 miles away today in NY City, and Joss will be in NYC on Monday. (... not that flights don't allow you to travel quickly) Have we gotten any indications of other cast members attending rehearsals for this?
Maybe we'll have a nice "Freeze Ray" performance with a dancing Neil and Felicia.
*Uh-oh. Time to move the mushortio to the good server. *
I read that David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan will be presenting awards.
The whole cast of HIMYM are presenting, so that will be special!
I wonder if the Horrible groupies will be part of it ... or at least 1 of them. Leaves one going hmmm after this tweet earlier, "MoTancharoen Be sure to watch the Emmys tomorrow. Just do it."

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I already knew I'll be watching the Emmys this year --- now I know I'll be recording it ;)
See, this is the reason I keep coming back to Whedonesque: for happy news on gloomy drizzly days. :-)

For the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to the Emmys. (Or to bits of them posted online the next day, anyhow--my lack of TV will prevent my from watching in real time).
Sorry for my ignorance... The emmys are tomorrow (in Spain at least) .. Right? What was given yesterday then, when Joss and co reveived it? Thanks.
Time to conquer the world, Again. Now live through TV around the world.
It'll be interesting.
yeah, Darkness, tomorrow, but it'll be technically almost monday morning in your timezone. It's starting 8pm EST if I'm not mistaken.
The ceremony E! showed yesterday was the Creative Arts Emmys which happened last Saturday. As you can see the Primetime Emmy awards include a very wide range of awards, most of them are not presented in the "main" ceremony tomorrow (you'll see the creative arts awards mentioned at some point during the ceremony). So it was just taped and edited down ceremony, unlike tomorrow which will be live.

In Brazil we'll get the broadcast from Sony, which will also be showing TV Guide Channel's red carpet coverage.
At least won't have to endure the lameass critic commentator TNT usually hires when they get to show the awards ceremony live.

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I wonder how it's going to come off considering the vast majority of viewers don't know anything about Dr. Horrible.

I mean, it's going to be awesome, I'm just curious.
I'm curious as to what is meant by "Dr. Horrible-themed." Does this mean the number will actually be a song from "Horrible?" Or something sorta like it or inspired by it? Guess we'll see...
I'll bet it's "Slipping", with the good Doctor 'freezing' whoever's on stage at that moment.
I wonder if it's anything to do with the recent Dr Horrible tweet. Perfecting my Interceptorizor... But when should I use it?
Is he going to use it to steal an Emmy? But he already got one fair and square.

Is it too much to hope for there being a new song?
He's been hinting on Twitter lately that he needs to take down the corporate propaganda machine. And he seems to have an intercepting device of some kind. And hey, the Emmys are tomorrow. Fancy that.

Darkness, there are two Emmy ceremonies. The big one is Sunday evening but the more technical/creative awards were given out separately last week. That ceremony included the Dr. Horrible award.
Yeah, I'm thinking it's something inspired by Dr. Horrible, rather than an actual song or scene from it, as Ausiello does say a "Dr. Horrible-themed production", not "a Dr. Horrible production." Since most Emmy viewers haven't seen or probably even heard of DH, I think they would definitely want to do something that the fans will appreciate, but a broader audience will also enjoy and not feel left out on.
Q: "Perfecting my Interceptorizor... But when should I use it?"

A: If Kanye makes any moves towards the stage.

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Got it. Interceptorizor:
Imagine if Neil just wore the Dr. Horrible getup for the entire show without mentioning anything about it. Now that's a nice thought to put my head on a pillow to.

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Or, to echo Anonymous1's invisotext in Horrible-speak.

He would have to wear the googles otherwise they will all think he is that other doctor...

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@drhorrible echoes what Anonymous1 and b!X said above:

I've got it! I'll use my interceptorizor to highjack the Emmy broadcast! Now if only I can find out when it is... February, right?

Why does he twitter about these things...didn't he learn anything from his online blog????
Never thought I'd be saying this, but - I'll be recording the Emmys. :)
LOL Anonymous1.

I was already quite curious when NPH was hosting, but now I really want to see this thing. Does anyone know if it will be broadcast on some European channel as well? Otherwise, I do hope atleast the relevant bits turn up online.
I added one of the tweets from the Dr Horrible account to the entry. Just before the airdate, there will be a "let's discuss the Emmys in all their glory" thread so we can all have fun.
I couldn't find it in any UK listings after a quick Radio Times search, but others might know more.
It'll be on the E! Entertainment channel at 1am tonight, repeated at 2pm and 8pm tomorrow (according to Sky's online listings).
Thanks Simon - set to record :). YAY!
Emmy's will be shown on Australian TV on Monday, 21 September 2009 from 10pm 12am on Network Ten.

This is the first year in ages I've been at all excited about the Emmys. :D
Thanks Simon. I just discovered I have E! here in the Netherlands too (never watched it before) and they're broadcasting an Emmy program, "Life from the Red Carpet", which I"ll be recording. I hope it will include the actual awards ceremony (I asume so, but the program description isn't entirely clear.)
Generally, the actual award show airs straight after the red carpet (unless another channel has the show). I do recommend E! over other broadcasters when there's a choice. I wish they had a HD channel over here.

EDIT: Typo. Stupid iPhone.

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Set your recorders to (at a guess) five or seven minutes before the posted starting time; the hi-jack may occur during the commercial period before the program.
The red carpet show is listed for 10 hours straight in my electronic programming guide, which isn't always that accurate. Since there is nothing else Emmy related on I'm just going to guess it also will include the ceremony.

No way. Doc can interfer with a show even take over people at the show and make them sing and dance...but he can't interfer with the commercials.

I'll start taping early just in case.
What I wonder is whether it will be white-coated Dr. Horrible or red-coated Dr. Horrible.
The E! Entertainment in Europe is a different feed than the one in the UK, and from my experience, they stick to the red carpet, unfortunately. Not saying, they'll do it tonight (don't know), but so far I've only seen red carpet coverage from them.
I'm not saying I know anything about this or was a part of writing it or that my name is Zack Whedon or anything but if I had to guess I'd say it was NOT going to be a production number but rather that The Bad Doctor was going to intercept the CBS feed to speak his mind. Just a guess though.
Awe. Some. And then more.
Nice of Zack to appear out of nowhere and back my suspicion. ;)
I'm trying to imitate Dr Horrible's "ahahaha" laugh and failing miserably. And welcome to Whedonesque :).
I just wish those Whedon Brothers would learn how to spell their own names - honestly:

It's Zach Zake Zac.

For folks that are obviously bright in other respects, they have the damndest time keeping track of themselves & spelling their names.

It's: Josh, Jedi, Spam, Mate, Zac and Squeaky.


Looking forward to The Emmyriffic Interception, no matter how it's spelt. Spelled. And glad to see more Whedons hitting the boards.

Lookit - it's an Emmy-winning Whedon. *waves*
"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it"
Aren't we supposed to question if that's ACTUALLY zack? Then somebody blurts out they love him, and it seems slightly creepy?

I think it's actually a legal requirement.

I love you, Zack!
I am so amazingly excited about this. I can't wait for more exposure! Plus answers on what Ms. Trpcic was up to recently... Thanks Zack!
The Emmys are being shown on CTV in Canada -aka the only channel I get clearly with my rabbit ears :)

Ah, yes. I forgot all about Jeez Whedon.
Jeez Whedon has the best beard.
Having the awards show you host interrupted by your evil alter ego must be a little awkward. Especially when he's just as good a singer as you and is rocking some badass goggles.
Hey, Zack! :)

Yay for Dr. Horrible invading the Emmys!!!

Can't believe I should be able to watch the entire show before work...although the desire to ff through all the boring, non-NPH, Dr. Horrible, How I Met Your Mother parts is kind of an issue, but I'll get over it.
Two special things in one day. Dr. Horrible hijacks the Emmys and Zack comes a-visiting.
Excellent. I love my fandom (welcome, Zack)! Can't wait for tonight.
I was never sure if it was "Jeez" or "Cheese" Whedon. But I do believe he has a beard of bees, which makes him pretty special.

It really is pretty astonishing, when you think about it - who'd a thunk little Doc Horrible would have grown up to be such a fiercesome contender?

Well, us, obviously, but I mean, really? The Emmys?

It's the Little Web Series That Could.
Hmm... tempting.

I have really gotten used to not watching award shows. I enjoy not watching them because it makes me feel superior to anyone who takes award shows seriously. Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Emmys is an actual positive reason to watch it. By hiring NPH to host the show, the bastards running the Emmys have got me where they want me and I'm none too happy about it. NPH is awesome, entertaining, funny, quick on his feet, I'm sure he'll do an amazing job, but four hours of pretty people walking to their marks and reading off teleprompters.. I'll see the highlights tomorrow on YouTube, without commercials.

You could always just leave the tv on while you read the discussion online.
Did everybody tell everyone they know? Posting it wherever you can etc.
ZachsMind said:
"I enjoy not watching them because it makes me feel superior to anyone who takes award shows seriously."

Plenty of us watch 'em while not taking 'em seriously, that's another option (occasionally, in my case--those 3 or 4 hours could be spent watching actual content-filled TV instead. Or reading).

But yes, next-day highlights might be the best option.

I hope the Canadian feed doesn't override my CBS signal and have me miss out (until the next-day online highlights).

Edited for me being a mental-case

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Allison is on E! now. Red carpet talking about the baby. Daniel Dae Kim, as well as Neal Patrick Harris. So far that's it. They all look awesome.

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Jeez Whedon has the best beard.

Yes, it's true. Jeez Whedon's beard is amazing and beautiful.

Her name is Linda.
I was never sure if it was "Jeez" or "Cheese" Whedon. But I do believe he has a beard of bees, which makes him pretty special.

And no one has made a Cheeseybeards joke yet why? :)

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