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"2010, I think. We don't know how long we've been off the air."
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September 19 2009

Organize your 2010 with some "Horribleness" . The same company that produces the Buffy calendars brings us Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog 2010 Wall Calendar.

I can plan my laundry days all year round now.
This is going on my Christmas wishlist.
Mine too Sunfire - also great gift for a few whedonfan friends of mine :) Just love the pic for December.
Was that really even a cast of dozens? I'm nearly even tempted to say that the number of people with multiple speaking lines didn't top a dozen.

This is a pretty neat concept though for something so short form. I wonder if there are unearthed troves of publicity photos we never saw.
They look to be mostly screen shots except for the picture of the ELE standing.
Was there ever an Firefly calendar? I know there was ones for Angel and Spike.

As I recall, there was never an Official Firefly or an Official Serenity calendar.

Despite suggestions and begging from fans.
Great selection of photos! Love the behind the scenes shots. :)

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