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September 20 2009

Tonight on CBS - a truly Horrible Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, David Boreanaz and Alyson Hannigan will be presenting awards and (and this is a HUGE and) there's going to be some sort of Dr Horrible happenstance. Zack Whedon popped by earlier to suggest what form it might take.

It's been ages since we've had a "let's discuss a non Joss show as it happens" thread. Enjoy!

Ok, lets discuss the important things. What are you having for your horrible Emmy watching snacks?
I'm going to be eating sleep. Damn time zones!

Hope it's Horribly Awesome.
Popcorn. But for dinner a bowl of brown rice, ground Quorn, and medium salsa.
Orville Redenbacher's Tender White Gourmet Popping corn!
Yup, some Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn is de rigeur, and then some fro-gurt (absinthe flavor).

With just a dash of irony.
de rigeur, is that a good thing?
Any idea of where we can get streaming of the pre-show stuff?

ETA: Got it -

[ edited by AthenaMuze on 2009-09-20 23:22 ]
If there is any streaming of the red carpet, it might be at They are the only ones covering the red carpet in the US.
Hmmm...might have some caramel-filled chocolate. I don't think we have much in the way of snacks beyond that.

I seriously can't wait. I'm DVR'ing the whole thing just for the Dr. Horrible short.
They're showing it on CBS News news..
I have no idea if they'll show the whole thing, but I guess I'm staying tuned..:-)

ETA: Better feed with interviews!!!

[ edited by JotheCat on 2009-09-20 23:31 ]
I feel for west coast viewers who won't be able to watch it until very later on.
Watching the red carpet and I'm so hyped for the Emmys. I have to go frakking sleep in a minute though. E! Is interviewing Alyson Hannigan currently. Weird coincedience.
There's a stream here which keeps flipping between E! and TV Guide Network which is much better than the CBS News feed.
*sigh* I can't watch 'em as far as I know because the channel that usually shows these things like doesn't have the money or something. They didn't show the Oscars last time, when I asked they said money issues. Murgh.

But this is really exciting and awesome and I bet it's gonna be brilliant. :D
JotheCat and RachVG: Thanks, the UStream feed you both linked looks promising.
Sunfire and JotheCat and RachVG,

Is this live feed available to people outside US?
Yes - I'm in England.
Speaking of West Coast--anyone know what time it starts out here?
Thanks RachVG. I told some Ukers.
Huh. Interesting. Thanks for the link.
The mods in the UStream chat/stream linked here just confirmed that the awards will be streamed live on that channel after the red carpet stuff.
Am watching it from E! on sky in the UK! Don't know if that helps! Channel 151 :)
I wish I could watch it on my actual TV but unfortunately I'm a Freeview girl!
Thanks bubblecat! I'm there.

Do you link will work for Aussies?
I don't know what countries the UStream feed works in. I'm in the US myself. My general impression from the associated chat is that there are some Europeans watching there, but other than that I can't tell.
It is okay. Shouldn't they be asleep anyways in Aussieland rightnow.
Somebody hopefully will youtube it... I'm at work...
Alyison and Julie are tweeting about the woman with the suitcae. Julie wants to knock her out.
It's Monday morning in Australia. European posters on the other hand are showing real dedication if they are watching this live. ;)
I have to be up at 7.30 for work, too. And it's 1am now. I'm going to be shattered tomorrow but... it's Neil!
Wow, fantastic opening number, this is going to be an Emmy night to remember!
This feed is getting seriously chunked.
Yay, Kristen Chenowith! The Emmy is almost as big as she is.
I agree, NPH does rock :). That opening was amazing.
Very well deserved award for Kristing. Just sad that the show is gone.
Yay!! NPH did an awesome opening and Kristen Chenowith couldn't be cuter. I think I'm going to enjoy this show!
embers, I hope so, but it's early and it's the Emmys.
Whew, told everyone I wanted to and did it before Dr. Horrible took over the emmys!
Jon Cryer - HUGE upset. He was about 3rd or 4th on most of the pick lists.
WTF? The first upset of the night. NPH lost.
Hah, Jane Espenson is watching the stream.
I'm phoning up Kanye and sending him around right now.
So, I'm a west coaster watching the Emmys on the live stream. Question I watch it again when it's on my TV at 8pm? Hmm...
Good for Kristen Chenowith. Bittersweet for Pushing Daisies. Liked the shoutout to Bryan Fuller. NPH mentioned the writers of his opening song as well, plus went around and showed us the crew. Nice. Keep stressing the importance of the creative folks behind the scenes too.

Guess I hope Toni Collette/United States of Tara or Mary-Louise Parker/Weeds for Lead Comedy Actress. If neither of those two, then I'd throw it to Sarah Silverman. Haven't seen/not interested in Dreyfus' series, haven't got around to 30 Rock yet (I know Tina Fey is awesome from other stuff), and dunno about Christina Applegate.
In the transition to the commercials, when they go split-screen, they keep cutting to NPH. While this may be simple behind-the-scenes, I wonder if we'll get our first glimpse of Dr. Horrible-ness through that backstage camera? :) He's sure milking his loss!
LMAO @ gossi's remark...:-)

I hope the youtubers get on this, too. I don't have the attention span to sit through the Emmy's, but I do want to know what sort of "Horrible-ness" will ensue :-)
Oh woe, Bobbi was right.... I spoke too soon: how can they waste time on 'reality' shows? I guess it is the scheduled time for channel surfing.
I do like the random "you know _____ from..."
embers, my husband has headed upstairs to watch baseball. I'm doing online Sudoku and ignoring my TV until something interesting happens.
How is it possible that everyone in America is watching the Emmy's live, except the people living on the WestCoast (I live in Los Angeles)? Thank you all for posting the live stream addie. If the networks want to keep viewers in front of the TV, they better figure out how to show live shows live.
Bobbi, I'm watching 'Drop Dead Diva' which started just in time to save me from 'reality' boredom. Gina Torres is on 'Drop Dead Diva'!

[ edited by embers on 2009-09-21 02:16 ]
boo,Neil lost. I didn't see the opening number. and I'm not having any snacks.
The only reason I'm watching the Emmys this year is NPH. Well that and the promise of that it will be Horrible.
I am wondering if Horrible will insert himself in the TV's Greatest Stars. Maybe. Although it wouldn't make much sense, considering he's not a TV star.
The west coast doesn't get the Emmys live? That's bizarre. I thought the reason it started at 8pm EST was that it so could be 5pm PST, and basically a reasonable time on a Sunday night for the entire country to watch.
Znachki, information is so useful.
Sweet! A girl director won.
WooHoo! Nathan! NPH!
woohooo!!!! that was great! nathan and simon and felicia!!
That was just awesome.
LOL! That was great!!
OH. YES. INDEED. That... was.... Horrible! ^_^ *sniff sniff* AwwwWWww!

Hehe... buffering. :)

[ edited by CellarDoor on 2009-09-21 02:30 ]
That was way better than listening to the Accounting Firm.
Taking a break, hate reality. Will be back for drama. :P

Loved the opening number, and wit
Haha, wonderful, wonderful. That was a fantastic ending to a great weekend.
That was really fun. Legendary.
Rawr. I saw a flash of Dr. Horrible, then our broadcast went to an adbreak! When it came back, all I saw was the accountants heading off stage. I hope the delayed broadcast tonight has it D:
Loved it, loved it, loved it! So worth being awake looking at a [buffering] web streaming at 3.30 am ;-DDD
Hilarious! I loved it. Loved it.
Whoo-hoo! Perfect time! Captain Hammer!
That was utterly fantastic. There better be a nice pristine copy available online soon.
Can't believe the Whedons and co. actually got to play around in the middle of the Emmys. That was awesome!
Agh! I found the stream feed literally two minutes too late :-(
Was it worth it? Do you even have to ask!?! And why am I asking myself a question I know the answer to?
pixiedust, really? They commercial'd over it where you are?
Fantastic! But I much as we are aware of it as an Internet phenomenon how aware are other people? I remarked to my fellow sofa monkey that I doubt regular people over the age of 35 would know the reference, especially if they aren't familiar with NPH's work.
That was awesome. :) wasn't that awe-

*crazygolfa punches out sanegolfa.*

Oh, that was so made of win!
that was brilliant! I hope it's posted on the official site soon!
That was great. Found it fun that it was pre-recorded.

I thought for sure he would have stolen the envelopes and exchanged them for ones that say Dr. Horrible. :D

[ edited by RavenU on 2009-09-21 02:45 ]
I am watching online and it was Buffering all night. But it didn't during the Horrible bit, amusingly.

It's 2.41am here. Bed time! Thanks Zack, Joss, Jed, Maurissa, Nathan, Neil, Simon, Felicia, The Guy Who Supplies The Lair Who's Name I've Forgotten, and everybody else. Made me smile.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-09-21 02:55 ]
They seriously did. The accountant people were announced, came onto the stage, the screen did the wavey, colours going all wacky thing, flash of Dr. Horrible and his evil laugh, then boom. Ad break. Absolutely gutted.
That was Great!! I was sooo hopeing for something like this!!


We'd lost power, and it came back JUST IN TIME for me to catch it! Thank heavens for that! XD

Also... AMAZING. <3
I think this is definitely the first step in Dr. Horrible's plans for world domination! It was lovely to see Penny alive again.
Pixiedust, an interruption by Dr. Horrible, getting interrupted? That's an ironic sort of cruel.
Oh, yay! I had dozed off but woke up just in time to catch it. Totally made of win.
Does this mess with the continuity of the Emmys? Apparently they happened before Dr. H changed to a red coat, Captain Hammer hit the therapist's chair and OMG Penny's alive! She's ALIIIIIIIVE!
Definitely made of win!
I wonder how many people are googling Dr. Horrible now? Which is AWESOME.
That it is anonymous1. That it is...
The Ninja Report, Billy talks about that in his Twitter. He thinks the white looks better on the webcam. And he didn't see Penny.

Also? I'm seriously thinking of sending Joss some Zima. Seems to be a thing...
Thank you so much RavenU. That really was unbelievable!
So I was watching it (again) on YouTube and it was stalled by buffering...

AthenaMuze, which Billy Twitter account is the "official" one?
The Ninja Report:
How is that official?
That's what I thought it was. Thanks.

ETA: actually now that I look at the 700 Dr. H theme Twitter accounts I wonder that as well. I thought it was the only authoritative one but was never sure.

[ edited by The Ninja Report on 2009-09-21 03:12 ]
cool, it's on youtube already! I wonder when this was filmed. and I still see serenity in the background.
It was filmed two weeks ago.

ETA that I'm mostly thinking that's greenscreened, and not actually on-site. The lighting on the actors doesn't seem to match up. (Although that could also just be a quick and dirty job of lighting.)

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-09-21 03:16 ]
It's not Serenity in the background, it's some pans.

Also, I think the background is green screened in this case. Looks like.
really? the lair hasn't changed at all.
gossi posted as I was editing to say what he was saying. Heh.
Thanks for the link, RavenU! That was my first chance to see it, since I don't own a TV and watch everything online. See, Dr. Horrible and I are totally on the same page.

(That's a good thing, right?)
Sorry to be the party pooper, but I thought that was pretty mediocre. :/

It had its funny moments, but no musical number? :(
Wait for the movie for that, geratongs ;)
There was a musical number in mine. Just, you know, a short one. Maybe you watched something else.
I think it was short and sweet.
Neil's opening number
OMG - whose idea was it to put Angel and the guy from Tru Blood together. LMAO!!!
I was also hoping for a musical number, not just a few notes of "Neil's Turn" and a harmony at the end. But the fact that it happened and might get some non-nerds to look up Dr. Horrible is pretty excellent.
The way they're presenting the nominees for the "behind the scenes" jobs like writing this year is really awesome. They've been some of the best segments on the show. They should do that always forever.
RavenU-What? Angel and Bill? Damn I miss everything! (And thanks for the Youtube link)

It was short, sweet and very funny, I thought.
The opening number was fabulous. NPH should always host everything. :-)
Ooh, thanks for the links - loving how NPH and Horrible Emmy goodness is available online so speedily. The Horrible interception was absolutely pitch-perfect - "sofa monkeys", "like this", "you have to look this way", "honour to be nominated", and ah the irony of the buffering! So hil-ar-i-ous, made my day, thanks to all Horrible peeps!
That was adorable.
I'm on the west coast so I'm trying really hard not to get spoiled and share my thoughtsie. I've already cried once, when Kristen Chenowith won her Emmy. It's lovely to see Pushing Daisies get respect...Two and a Half Men? Really? Oh well,

Neil has been amazing so far :)
Yeah, the Two and a Half Men win was a disappointment in a category with far more appealing performances.

Fun Dr. Horrible bit. I thought they were gonna be sneakier about how they got it in there, or shorter, but it was a good length and they really interrupted things. Surprised CBS/the Emmy people agreed to it, but then again, this year's show did have an air of trying to be hip and draw in a more varied audience (even Battlestar Galactica got some quality face time, though no noms--unless they earned some in the technical awards).

Nice that Nathan/Captain Hammer got a dig at CSI: Miami, those never get old, that particular series is awful.

Awesome seeing Stephen Moyer present with David Boreanaz. Whoever set up the presenters was definitely paying attention. I knew True Blood was popular, but I guess I wasn't aware just how widespread and fervent fans were this early in the show's life--lot of applause in that audience for it any time it showed up, plus it won the people's choice thing.
Man, since the comedy awards ended, Neil has been the sole reason to keep watching. I really hope Dr. Horrible does his thing soon.
Heh, that was pretty great. The Dr. Horribleness. Seriously, who's idea was that, who approved it, and how in the world did they pull it off? At this rate I'm gonna get a Buffy mention by the end of the night.

Alright, can we get to the Drama awards now? Pleeze?
Prelude to War and some Starbuck screen time? "Tis more than I was expecting. Though not even a blip for Dollhouse. Oh well. Give Mad Men lots of awards now, please!
I just sat through the aussie broadcast - missed the beginning and no Dr Horrible to be seen, very disappointed.
Same Beth, I'm very disappointed they cut it. My housemates and I were waiting and waiting until 20 minutes from the end we realised it wasn't coming. Very disappointing
I just sat through the aussie broadcast - missed the beginning and no Dr Horrible to be seen, very disappointed.

That's a real shame. I wonder if that's an international package and the two hour repeat on British tv tonight will be cut as well.
We also got a very reduced Red Carpet feed, from TV Guide. Around 10 mins only with lots of babbling from "hosts" about how it was their first year - seriously, I don't want to hear from Emmy Red Carpet hosts. I just want to see Emmy Nominees, pretty dresses, hunky men and people who are capable of being coherent around the Flight of the Conchords guys. Sheesh!

And yes, no Dr Horrible success in Australia. Booooo!

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