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September 21 2009

TV Guide's "Best Moments" at The Emmys. The Doctor is in, at #4.

Might have just been me, but that seemed like one tough audience.
It is also in a list "Best and Worst of the Emmy's" at the
LA Times. I think the list is chronological though, and they seem to think the big TV companies are the losers of this particular moment.
I went to the Bruce Springsteen show last night (which was amazing) so I couldn't see the Emmy's live. But when I got home I had to frantically fast forward through my DVR to see the Dr. Horrible snippet. AWESOME!!!

The only thing that could have been better, IMO, is if they gave Felicia a little more screen time than the 2 seconds they gave her. Also, why no Joss Whedon mention of any kind? I'm beginning to think Joss should have pulled a Kurt Busiek (or John Carpenter) and named Dr. H, "Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible Sing-Along-Blog."
The AP article I read last night said it was "created" by NPH, ya know for the writer's strike.
sadly, the washington post, my local paper, savaged the doctor horrible bit. they were doing a running Q&A for the awards, and the journalist answering the questions and comments remarked "well that's as close as joss whedon is ever going to get to an emmy." a poster later remarked that joss had already won an emmy, to which she responded, "i meant for, you know, his real shows." i didn't even bother posting a retort, since she was cherry-picking questions.

and then this morning, tom shales, the post's tv critic, who is way past wearing out his welcome, for like 20 years now, and who only loves glee and american idol, and hates everything else, bashed both the dr. horrible sketch and NPH's hosting.

if the rest of the paper wasn't so well done, i probably would've stopped reading it years ago, as sadly, this is par for the course in their entertainment division.
NPH definitely inspired some awe. He will now be asked to host everything. Especially classy and funny bit with John Cryer, winner of the Emmy for Best Guy Mollie Ringwald Could Have Ended Up With in a John Hughes Film.
Was just looking around Hulu and noticed that Dr. Horrible is on the "Most Popular" list. Must have brought in a lot of new eyes.
And the DVD is currently #41 in Movies & TV at Seems pretty high for a DVD that has been available for almost a year. I have absolutely no idea where it ranked yesterday but I hope it got a nice sales boost.
I was wondering about the knock-on effect at Amazon. Thanks for the update.
I want to see an award show co-hosted by NPH and Hugh Jackman. Colour commentary by John Hodgman (who was awesome!)
I don't think the dvd has ever dropped out of the top 100 at amazon, so that's not necessarily an effect of the Emmys, though it could be.
Even traffic to the E.L.E. contest site, although still minimal, is higher than is normally is.
Dr. Horrible was #84 in Google search terms yesterday. Neil Patrick Harris was #34.

If you click the terms you can see different versions of them and what time they peaked. 6 pm PST was when the Horribleness happened.
Also, followers are up on twitter.
The Dr. Horrible bit was incredible! I'm surprised the Emmy people allowed them to essentially put an ad in for their mushortio/dvd. But it was classic, and I hope they include it as an extra on the "Dr. Horrible 2: Penny's Still Dead" dvd. (Actually that's what Joss joked that the name would be at the Dr. Horrible presentation in NYC).
Found this on AOL's News Site: "'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane proved he's a real ladies' man during a pre-Emmys bash, where he hopped onstage with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine. Afterwards, women were throwing themselves at him left and right, according to the NY Daily News. While he played it cool, he wound up sneaking off with five beauties at the end of the night. Wonder if ex Eliza Dushku is kicking herself right about now. (Sept. 21)"

What woman of ELiza's mentality wants a guy who'll take off with 5 women at once?
Maybe she's kicking herself for ever having wanted him in the first place?

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