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September 21 2009

Joss hosting a Dr Horrible screening tonight in New York. This to benefit 826NYC and after the screening, there will be an interview with Joss and a Q&A as well. And if you are going, the correct address is Broadway at 95th Street.

Have ticket, don't think I can go do to family illness. :(

Wish I could give to someone.
The correct addesss is Broadway at 95th Street.

This is just to avoid confusion. The above address is what the ticket already says, but the ticket also gives the name of a theater that exists on 42nd Street. That's not the venue; tonight's performance is up on 95th. [Confirmed over phone with rep from 826NYC.]
We'll be there live-blogging!

Oh and chazman, someone has been asking around for weeks for a ticket. If you're on twitter, her twitname is @Unski13 and she actually already came to NY with no ticket! That would be awesome if you would give yours to her.
So wish I could be there.!
My boyfriend bought me a ticket for this for our five year anniversary. Cannot wait. Am hoping Nathan Fillion is among the special guests, as he has been in New York all weekend.
Chazman - Give me the extra ticket! I'd love to go! Actually, give it to the girl who came to NY without a ticket. But if she for some reason already has one or you still have an extra, please let me know! I would love to go, but don't have a ticket!!
I wish I was going to be there, I hope everyone will post all about it!
Chazman I'd also be happy to take that ticket off your hands! I'm really bummed I didn't know about this before...
For L.A. peeps, the 826 National non-profit has an L.A. branch and they created/maintain the delightful "Echo Park Time Travel Mart" on Sunset.

It is, quite simply, shopper's heaven for Geeks. (More here.)

Not only are the 826 branches doing good works - aiding kids with their writing skills to help them think, express and thrive - but they have one of the few places I know of where you can get the stuff a geek like me needs, from Time Travel Sickness Pills to bottled Dead Languages.

I'm particularly fond of the fragrance of Dystopia (scroll to near the bottom of the page) but they also have "Utopia" if you're feeling optimistic.
I'm sorry. I tried to get in touch with a couple folks, but have not really been home much today. Plus, I don't live in Manhattan, so might have been problematic getting the ticket.
826 is awesome. I visited the Time Travel Mart in LA a few months ago.
chazman, I hope your family illness situation isn't dire, and that they are on the mend.
This was perfect. Besides some annoying fans shouting out stupid shit, pretty much flawless. Joss had a lot of interesting things to say. Like confirming my suspicion that Hush really isn't as all that, top-5-y like people like to make it out to be... and how every episode with Dollhouse is like a struggle, because they have to get around the premise that was never meant for an action/thriller in the first place, stupid Fox.

Also there was a lot of talk about daddy issues since Ira Glass asked the "strong females" question (to some laughter I don't think he saw coming), but saved it with the twist of asking about why he also writes father figures who validate them (Giles/Simon/Boyd)--which threw Joss for a nice loop.
It was fun for an East Coaster to have a chance to see Joss in person. No major reveals. Ira asked about the Dr. Horrible sequel. Joss answered that he had a "confab" with the other writers and they told him not to reveal anything tonight. Overall Joss was friendly, open, and upbeat.

He said he expected the the success of Dr. Horrible would encourage others to release produced content straight to the web, and that he's been surprised that this has largely not happened.
and how every episode with Dollhouse is like a struggle, because they have to get around the premise that was never meant for an action/thriller in the first place

If it helps, there's a lot of character-driven conversations in the season premiere.
It's awesome that Joss did this. I hope I get to meet him someday. Maybe he'll make it out to Dragon*Con again some year.

Were any of the other people who worked on the show there?

Also, Simon, those pictures from that time traveler grocery store are amazing, one of these days I'm going to have to buy a t-shirt from them.

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Yeah, Simon, thanks for linking to those.

; >
I ended up taking the day off and grabbing a bus to NYC for this, since I haven't had any opportunity to see/meet Joss Whedon before (he still hasn't come to Dragon*Con). After the sing-along blog (which was literally a sing-along with the audience) Joss came on stage with Ira Glass of NPR and was interviewed live for about an hour. They touched on a lot of interesting topics, including the fact that Joss still dreams up scenes for future Firefly episodes, and a frank discussion of the rocky start of Dollhouse, and what worked and didn't quite work. Joss wanted to really use the prostitution aspects of the Dollhouse to make the audience "feel bad about feeling good, and feel good about feeling bad" and really delve into the whole idea of fantasies about being in control of people, or being controlled, or being somebody else. He said the network forced him to back down a bit, and the show is still a compromise where he has to tone it down just enough to make them happy.

I recorded the interview, and can share it with anyone that is interested. I haven't listened to it yet so I'm not sure how the quality is.

I was disappointed that there was no Q&A, I had expected it (and perhaps surprise special guests), since the event claimed it would have it. I spent some time thinking up the question I would ask Joss, but didn't get that opportunity since the questioning was led by Mr. Glass, and the audience didn't get the chance to ask any questions (although one audience member yelled out for Joss to do some lines of Hamlet, to which Joss responded with a very dramatic "Oh.")

I was also disappointed that there was no signing afterwards, or chance to actually meet Joss. I'm still glad I went, because he always gives insightful and witty interviews, but I guess I expected a bit more. Now I haven't slept except some uncomfortable rest on the bus back home, and I'm attempting to stay awake through work today.
By the way, why do so many among us seem to think they get 'cred' for calling out all the funny lines BEFORE the actors say them on screen? Yes, we all know a classic line is coming up, and we all know what the line is, and we don't really care that you know it as well. Please allow us to enjoy the original timing/delivery of the line!

But feel free to sing along to all the songs, and heck, you can even do the speech as long as it is WITH the actors and not before. At least I'd seen the show before, but if anyone was seeing it for the first time I'm sure this phenomenon really degrades the experience for them.

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