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September 21 2009

Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson Interview Captain Tight--er Hammer --er Pants. Part One of Whitney's interview with Nathan Fillion is up. Castle, Dr. Horrible, and various fan questions.

Believe everything you've heard about Nathan Fillion.

He's incredibly kind, funny, talented and good-looking. He's also quite easygoing when it comes to picking a restaurant and eager to show you photos of his cat, Spartacus.

Part Two will be up tomorrow...

It's not hard to believe. You can almost hear the entertainment reporters sighing as they transcribe the interviews, all of which begin by describing how wonderful he is in person.
Nathan: Obviously, Andrew Marlowe, our creator, is playing some notes that people want to hear.

Yeah, it's true. Castle isn't the sort of thing I usually watch, though I'm not sure there's anything quite like Castle out there. But while I'm not big into police procedurals, I kinda think Castle is really more focused on its relationships, and its light touch approach is nonetheless - for the most part - handled with emotional sensitivity.

I first started watching to see and support Nathan - and stayed watching 'cause it's entertaining. Nathan and Stana are both vivid yet subtle actors who listen to each other, and (while this is also not usually a major factor for me) I think their chemistry together is appealing.

It's different from a lot of light viewing that's on - for one thing, Nathan/Castle is surrounded in his life by strong women. Being Nathan, he more than stands up to their energy, but it's refreshing to see. And Stana/Beckett gets to be a combo of smart, formidable and attractive, which is rather a winning combination.

Just watched the season opener - Nathan

He makes it all look so effortless, you know?

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