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"I prefer man reaction."
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September 21 2009

(SPOILER) Access Hollywood talk to people about Friday's Dollhouse episode. People being a lovely British guest star, Eliza and Joss rockin' a fine Equality Now hat.

Paul gets pistol-whipped? Must be Friday.
Muhu. I remember Jamie telling me his and Tahmoh's character have a wee disagreement and that was how Joss pitched it to him to get him on board. And I was, like, "Wait, Jamie Bamber is British? LOOK AT HIS EYES!". I know I'm stupid, but seriously - his eyes are incredible. And that's from a guy who thinks ladies are oddly and attractively curvy.
I like that Laura Saltman and Eliza go out of their way to give a shout-out to Shawna for the dress design.
Jamie Bamber....Jamie Bloody Bamber...there are no words beyond *swoon*

That man makes me severely googley eyed. Makes a gal proud to be British. Glad Joss agrees! Haha. :D

And gossi, yes! His big ol' blue eyes are one of his many charms. *blush*

I am beyond psyched for Dollhouse Season Two. So many wonderful guest stars. So much stuff to build on. (How amazing was Epitaph One?) Can't hardly wait.

Plus, I didn't know Tahmoh house-sitted for Jamie. That's awesome. Loving the little behind the scenes BSG love.

Both my fandoms combined leads to a cornucopia of awesome. Between this and the's made my week.

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