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September 22 2009

(SPOILER) Additional casting call for Dollhouse 2x07. We now know the title of the episode, which will be "Meet Jane Doe".

The episode titles are growing more insane by the episode. I love it.

Hmmm... "Meet Jane Doe". Is she the Woman on The Street?
Sounds like this guest star will just be a one-hitter for this episode. Maybe he picks up an inactive doll on the streets of Texas and something about her leads him back to the LA dollhouse. Since the Dollhouse does such a great job of removing their actives' original identities, there you have your 'Jane Doe.'
Whoot! Frank Capra, the director of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," "It's a Wonderful Life," and "It Happened One Night," made a near-great movie called "Meet John Doe." It's hard to summarize, but fascinating to watch. And the false identity issues are awesomely Dollhousian. .
By ep 6 all the writers in the writers room had one ep. This one will be the second S2 ep for somebody.
Pointy, that's a brilliant idea which I hadn't really thought of but which fits
Hee hee hee. So many potential plot twists, Flugufrelsarinn, depending on

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