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September 22 2009

Eliza Dushku: Life After Film School Interview. Eliza takes a walk down memory lane,dishing on her career then and now with some fun anecdotes. (Video from Hulu)

Very interesting and informative. Eliza is always delightful, and I'm so glad to hear she's looking to do more comedy in the near future. I think she has the capacity to be very funny as an actress.
I think she's pretty good at comedy too, which I sort of miss. I wonder if they're ever gonna get a chance to do that rom-com episode of Dollhouse now that Fox theoretically has loosened the reigns a bit, or if that "my husband does porn!" bit is the closest we'll ever get.

I've never seen this show or programming filler before though, I wonder if they frequently have guests who don't have any background in film school. While I guess it is interesting for them to have a perspective of someone who's been involved with film since K-12 schooling the questions didn't seem that geared toward that.

And a weird sidenote, but she seems to be using the word kamikaze quite a bit and it's sort of disconcerting since she seems to be taking a possible aspect of its meaning and sort of overlooking the other elements. (This being since I just skimmed that Complex article too.)

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