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September 22 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. welcome a baby girl! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie! And how about that, a normal name. ;)

Congrats Sarah and Freddie! That's wonderful news. :)
Welcome to the light of day, Charlotte Grace Prinze! You won the Mom lottery. :D
Lovely name. Congratulations.

And you won't hear me saying the kid has Potential. No sir, no sirree.

(ba-dum bum)
"Corn grits" to one of my fave couples. (and I willr esist the temptation to make joke about Charisma's son being torn between two slightly younger women 25 years from now. I...will...resist.)

And, on another site, I just bid little Charlotte Grace "Welmcoe to the world."

I can't make my usual ethnic humor the way I did about Satyana; Freddie's multi-national in ancestry but Smidge isn't.

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Yay! Congrats to them :).
how sweet! Buffy's a mom!
Congrats to them :D
Woohoo! Congrats to the two of them!!!
Congrats! I was just wondering when she was going to have the baby on Sunday morning (had sort of forgotten until then that she was pregnant). I must be psychic... with just a little delay. ;) Interesting she changed her last name, too, didn't know that.

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Congrats Sarah! I guess this is the Dawn of a whole new era :)

I slay me.
Congratulations to them.
congrats! and kudos on the perfectly adequate and rather cute name!
Aww yay! Congratulations to the two of them!
Wonderful news! Congratulations to the happy family!
Good stuff, congratulations!
Congratulations! That's a lovely name.

People's coverage? Not so much:

Freddie Prinze Jr. will star on the upcoming season of 24. Sarah Michelle recently changed her last name from Gellar to Prinze.

Would it have killed them to mention The Wonderful Maladys?
Awww... Pretty name. :)
Actually, I also had the feeling Sarah was due to give birth. I knoew it was coming soon.
To ActualSize, I think "Maladys" is still in the pilot stage, but it would have been nice if they did mention it, and her upcoming movie.

Lovely name. :)
I was thinking another week myself since she was still out and about on Friday .

"Maladys" still hasn't been greenlit and VDTD to my knowledge doesn't have a USA distributor though it opened in Brazil on Aug 21st
Does that make her SMP now? That will take some getting use to.

Congrats to the happy family!
You guys she still goes by SMG, it's just in her personal life that she goes by Prinze. This all happened a few years ago lol.
I would have named her "Pomegranate" or "Dweeb Unit" or, you know, "Trixie Doppelganger" - something that screams "I live in Hollywood and I want the world to know it!!"

Oh, allright, "Charlotte Grace" is good if you wanna be boring.

; >

It's a beautiful name. I'm sure she's beautiful.

Welcome, Charlotte Grace, to the world and your loving parents. Have a nice ride.
"Conga Rats!", delivered by a line of dancing rodents, to everyone involved.

May young Charlotte be as strong and supple as a Willow, and have many happy Summers ahead of her.
Does that make her SMP now?

"Symmetric MultiProcessor" configuration? I think not.
"Maladys" still hasn't been greenlit and VDTD to my knowledge doesn't have a USA distributor though it opened in Brazil on Aug 21st

To clarify, it didn't have to be The Wonderful Maladys; it could have been any of her professional accomplishments. The juxtaposition of "he's starring in..."/"she changed her name" bothers me.

But I'm thrilled that the baby is here and everyone is well.
This is wonderful news. Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!!
Babeeeee! Congratulations to all three, and a beautiful name.
Congratulations to the new parents! It couldn't happen to a nicer couple.
Congrats. I'm so happy for them, and they picked a lovely name.
Yay! Congrats! I'm so excited and happy for them! Wish them all the best!
Congratulations! That is one lucky baby!
Aww, sweet! Very nice name - Charlotte is the feminine diminutive of Charles, which means "full-grown, a man" and Grace is inspired by grace, from the Latin gratia (favor, thanks) - Grace means "eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor." eloquent, beautiful woman. Perfect.

So, how's it go, now? Tony's girls are oldest, aren't they? What about James and David's? Then Charisma's, right? Aly, David's second child and now Sarah.

Congratulations to the happy couple. All the best in health and happiness for little Charlotte Grace.
Congratulations to both of them :)
Hip hip hooray!
Great news- what an exciting time for the pair and for their families too.
Congratulations to the parents and welcome to the world Charlotte Grace!
Congratulations to them both!
Charlotte is a lovely name.

Many congratulations to the family!
I thought she'd only been pregnant for like three months.o_0

Congrats to the family, though.
Awww... I'm so happy for them. Congrats to them. :)
Lovely news. Congratulations to all three of them.
Congratulations to the happy Mum and Dad and to little Charlotte, welcome to the world.

Lovely name too (my Granny's apropos of nothing at all). I like that, in a sense, SMG has spent the last nine months "Full of Grace" ;).
Congrats, so cool that they've gave her a normal name too.
I'm chuffed for them. Welcome to the world Charlotte.
Very beautiful name. Congratulations to Mum & Dad.
Congrats to both Sarah and Freddie!
YAY for a real name! And one I like to boot. Congrats!
Congratulations Sarah and Freddie! Wonderful news, brought a big grin to my face (also love living in a family of Whedonphiles as both my mum and brother grinned when I told them as well).

QuoterGal said:
I would have named her "Pomegranate"

After Groo's mum?
I love the name! I think I remember SMG saying one of her favorite children's books is Charlotte's Web. Yay =)
Congratulations Sarah and Freddie!
Charlotte is a lovely name (happens to be my middle name)

Welcome Charlotte Grace Prinze :)
Congratulations! Wishing much happiness in life for Charlotte Grace and her family.
Welcome Welcome Welcome baby Charlotte Prinze!
ShadowQuest: Not sure if James's son is older or younger than Kristine's. And there's also Amy and her husband have two, and Liz, Clare, and Iyari one each. As someone pointed out to me a while ago, these people are in their 30s and up, it's more likely they'd have children by now than not. The ones without children are, with some excpetions, the youngest cast members (Mercedes, Eliza, and Michelle, all stil in their 20s) and also those who are (like Mary tyler Moore's husband) more career-oriented rather than family-oriented.

FPJ & SMG & CGP ; has a nice rhythym to it.
I love that this, as everything the Gellar/Prinze family does, has been kept free of press until their choosing. A warm, hearty congrats to them!

And as far as celebrity kid-naming goes, 'Charlotte Grace' is a simple and lovely choice.
Aly just Tweeted her congrats a few hours ago. :)

1. Congratulations to Sarah & Freddie on their new baby girl!!!about 5 hours ago from Echofon

What a beautiful name...Congratulations to that pair...all the best to them!!!
Congratulations, Sarah, Freddie and Charlotte!
Congratulations to the family with their new addition. Charlotte Grace is a lucky girl.

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