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September 22 2009

(SPOILER) Clip from the Dollhouse season 2 premiere 'Vows'. And here's clip number 2 and clip number 3.

Love that they chose one of the awesome, at-its-own-pace character-driven conversation scenes. And one of the Ackeriffic ones, to boot.
Wow. All those were terrific. This season is gonna hurt isn't it?
Ah, a character who says the uncomfortable truths. Sorely lacking in Season 1. Bitterness gives that a nice emotional stabbiness too.

ETA: And now I noticed the other links and OMG Tophertastic.

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I should maybe get a television.
The second one gives away one of the best moments of the episode, which would have been better left seen only in context.
I ADORE this new, bitter Claire. I wish she were in the whole season. Very excited now, to say the least. Though the music at the end of the Eliza/Jamie Bamber scene was a bit soap opera-esque. Still, awesomeness abounds.
I love Eliza, she is an amazing actress and I want her to have work for as long as she wants it.

They cast the wrong woman as the lead of Dollhouse. I want Amy Acker at the center of this story, and I want it now.
Yay! Lots and lots of broken people.
If only we could have more of Ms. Acker... *sigh*
Both I thought were amazing!
correction: all three were amazing!
Well I said that after only seeing the first one. I want to fast forward my life to that episode already. All three were great although the last one is rather significant spoiler plot wise.

Count me as having my interest level skyrocket any time what Topher does for a living actually catches him on an emotional level. I just hope they don't go to the well too often or it might get old.
The second one gives away one of the best moments of the episode, which would have been better left seen only in context.

Thanks for that, b!X. Helped me steel my resolve & not click.
Wow. I'm fascinated by this idea of Claire knowing what she is.
Damn. I get only sound no video. May as well wait for the full thing.
Wow Acker is just plain amazing in those clips. I thought she was good as Fred and great as Illyria, but those two clips alone show just how wide her range really is. Happy Town better use her well (or kill her off quickly).
yeah.. I'd say Doctor Saunders is Amy Acker's best character performance so far... in the too infrequent scenes she had in season one, she blew me away with the sadness she conveyed.

Plus (on a pretty irrelevent side not) she seems to be getting more and more attractive every time I see her (even with the scar).
Were those clips finished? I know they've switched to digital, but it's HD so those don't look color corrected. Also, I heard mic noise on the first clip. I'm not complaining I'm just saying if the music sounded soap operatic that it might be temp score or at the very least, not leveled correctly. All three clips amazing, though I wish I hadn't watched them, since I'd like to know the Whiskey/Topher stuff in context only.
Ooh, these clips are such delicious appetisers. Love Amy Acker, can't wait for season 2! Does anyone know if/when it will screen in Australia?
I need it to be Friday. Right now.
PuppetDoug, Im 99% sure they're from the network delivery version of the ep.
Actually, I might change that percentage. They're supposed to be from the final versions, but - er.
They're also very low quality versions of the clips. I wouldn't try to judge anything by them. The episode looks fantastic on the screener, and that's all watermarked to Hell.
Wow. All three clips were astounding! It already feels better than most of season 1 [which I liked] because the characters are all interacting! I loved the music when Eliza says her final line in Clip 3. Very suspenseful!
Yeah, I think it's just the rip quality.

Anyway! More importantly - love the new shooting style. I think it's particularly visible on the 3rd clip. I think the first episode is actually pretty great at representing a few things - that the people in that 'house are emotionally connected in some way, that the viewer can be emotionally connected too (even just with the more intense shooting style - clip 3), and that Echo is about to cause some serious chaos.

I don't think the publicity blitz really got the message across very well this season, but hopefully b!X agrees with me here (I haven't seen a final cut of the ep) - Vows directly addresses areas where Dollhouse might not have worked for some people, and raises the game in a way I think will draw people in.
Uhm. Kinda wowed by those clips.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't expect much from the first two episodes (firmly believing that episodes 3, 4 and 5 will be the spectacular weird-fest we were all hoping for), but I guess I should never underestimate Joss.

Okay, when I watched the first trailers, I was kinda expecting the worst (simply because the trailers were so bad), but these sneak peeks are very encouraging. Great dialogue, great chemistry and a very great Amy Acker. She needs to be a regular on Dollhouse so badly. As far as I know she is only in the first episode so far, right? Press releases for episode two and three didn't mention her.

My faith in the show is restored.
Dollhouse Dollhouse Doll Frickin House its fun to say!
stuffy, that made me lol.

Had to get that out of the way. Also, damn does "Dollhouse" have magnificent actors.

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I need a Dollhouse episode NOW!!

I love Topher. And Claire. And everyone. I love Dollhouse!

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