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September 22 2009

Halo 3 ODST (featuring Firefly cast members) out this week. Certain members now take on their same roles in a new title.

This looks very cool, and it is great to hear our BDHs' voices.
This may have been of interest before posting this story.

Edited to elaborate: I don't mean to say that the link is a bad find; rather, that the news of Nathan, Alan and Adam voicing for ODST is of the 'old' variety, and therefore that the headline doesn't really tell us anything new.

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maybe. But here, we get to not only see Nathan, but our trusty Alan Tudyk, and Adam Baldwin.
The game was released today. What do you think? 1st week retail sales $1 billion dollars? That is my guess.
Bungie loves our BDH! I think they should put them in every game they make!! Waiting for Amazon to ship me this (stupidly went with the free shipping). Halo 3 had lots of Firefly references in it and I hope this does too!!
I've reworded the headline to show that the game is out this week as we've covered the cast members thing more than once at Whedonesque.
Already heard Adam say "Sure wish we had some more grenade action right about now!"
SIGH. If only I had an Xbox 360 and was any good at first person shooters. I wouldn't mind watching someone play this game, I'm sure.
A few choice quotes from this review.

"...a core male cast plucked almost exclusively from Joss Whedon's contact book..."

"...this is the closest we'll ever get to Firefly the FPS."

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