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September 22 2009

Fran Kranz is Blue in Megabot (NSFW). Fran Kranz stars in this wonderfully awesome Voltron spoof, Megabot. The Megabot team is out to save the world... again. All they need to do is beat existential dread, alcoholism, and Visigourd.

Directed by Nathan Kitada & Aaron T. Umetani
Written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue
Produced by Chris Nguyen, Ryan Kim, & Jonako Donley
Music by Brian H. Kim

Blue - Fran Kranz
Red - Miles Fisher
Pink - Heather Anne Campbell
Yellow - Randall Park
Black - Giovanni Adams

Really funny, and makes me miss Power Rangers.

[ edited by NathanG on 2009-09-23 04:28 ]
I love how put out Blue is. You can just see the love in his work.
As an aside, Miles Fisher (Red) is an excellent synthpop musician who did a music video for his cover of Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place" in which he does shot for shot remakes of American Psycho scenes -- his Bale-faces are eerie. He also does an amazing Tom Cruise impression.
wow, sad to say, that was not really funny at all. sorry to be so negative, but I was not feeling it.

but, uh, how about that Dr. Horrible sequel? 8)
It could have been better written -- but I had a nice chuckle. It was all contextually based humor, of course. Fran sure delivers a nice line.
Fran was definitely the most interesting in that group, but it has potential... will they be doing more of these (ie should I save the link?)?
The copyright for this was from 2008. Does anyone else have serious doubts about an Episode two? It didn't really deliver the funny, IMO.
Hee. It was pretty amusing. And Pink was cute.
If it reminds you of Power Rangers instead of Voltron (or possibly Gatchaman/G-Force, it's time for your juice and crackers and then an afternoon nap ;). Also, get off my lawn!

P.S. - Let's all please try to use correct capitalization/punctuation. It's good for you!
The video was posted yesterday and according to the comments at there will be four more episodes, one every Wednesday.


[ edited by Michael on 2009-09-23 18:39 ]
As above. New episodes each Wednesday. They're already in the can. I really like it, loves me some Fran.
I guess this was inevitable, but you're missing a close-paren up there, zeitgeist. Sorry it took me so long to point it out, but I just woke up from the afternoon nap someone claimed I needed.
I vote that Fran says 'Fuck' more on Dollhouse. With ten percent more eyerolling.

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