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September 23 2009

(SPOILER) All you need to know for Dollhouse season 2. Some new hints about the upcoming season, with quotes from several cast members.

Pretty big spoilers if you've remained largely upspoiled; not much new information if you haven't - but nice to hear some more thought from the cast about where they're going.

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Pretty sure that the ep where Faith threatens to light Wesley's fire, so to speak, was on Angel, not BtVS. Minor quibble, I guess.
Spoilers sound interesting, but nothing particularly new there, no?
The episode was Five By Five.

I'm really looking forward to the premiere.I did a marathon watch of my Dollhouse Season 1 DVDs over the weekend to get ready for the start of Season 2 on Friday.
Not finding it hard to love what Tahmoh says in item number one there.
It was on Angel's first season where Faith tortures Wesley, not on Buffy.

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