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September 23 2009

That Silly Nick Brendon Is Blogging Again... Nick has posted a new audioblog about his upcoming projects.

Lol. This man has no filter.
I think Nick thinks about chickens entirely too much. Did he get that from Boreanaz?

I've got his Saturday movie set on the dvr and I'll watch anything else he's in.
Emelye: Lol. This man has no filter.

He really doesn't - which I find kinda fascinating, since my censor is set on "stun". (Believe it or not.)

Well, fascinating maybe if you don't hear it every day - meaning no disrespect whatsoever... ; >
I'm jealous, lycoming. I don't get LMN. So annoying.

And no, Nick most definitely does not have a filter. Which I find fascinating as well, QuoterGal. I often find myself wondering, "Now, how did we get here?"
It's fascinating to me, because I can almost hear the Xander cadence when he talks. Actually, remove the word "almost."

Still, I have a special place in my heart for random so this was good.

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