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September 23 2009

Bing! Your Firefly reference is ready... Search engine Bing's daily background is of the planet Neptune and one of the 'hidden' links takes you to a Firefly video search.

Move your mouse across the image to find the 'hidden' square. Thought this was funny. Plus the search results page has an extended gag reel I've never seen.

Not sure what you're talking bout cause I sure can't find it...
Hmm... might be geographical/timezone context-y
Bottom right link leads to much Firefly when you mouse over the "invisible links" on the planet's surface. Text is "Everyone who's been there knows that outer space is full of smugglers, rebels, thieves and vagabonds and they all look like professional actors".
I wonder if it's country-specific... I can find Star Trek photos and Red Dwarf videos, but nowt else of interest...
Is that the gag reel that was made after the show was over for the cast and crew? There is one for Serenity as well that Nathan showed at a Con but it has never leaked online as far as I know.
I've got a gag reel that's different from the Firefly dvd; not that much different though. But it has a really funny part of Nathan popping up at different intervals during the 360 shot, then being in the "coffin" of the guy smuggling organs all in one take. Hi-larious.
I'm in the US and was able to get the Firefly hidden square no problem. It's approximately at the 5:00 position on Neptune's circumference.
I'm assuming the extended gag reel never got officially released because of rights issues (they ripped off Star Wars and the Love Boat for music, for instance) -- but yes, that's the real thing, in three parts. Great find, I hadn't expected to see that on the net again!

The recurring-Nathan gag is near the beginning of Part 3. Check it out if you haven't seen it, it's on beyond hi-larious.
I love that extended gag reel - everyone else's faces are priceless as Nathan does his magical reappearing act over and over.

It's approximately at the 5:00 position on Neptune's circumference.

Yup, I'm in the UK and there's nothing on the circumference, the closest box to the 5:00 position gives me the Star Trek pictures link. Hardly surprising I guess that they would fine-tune it by region. (Do US people get the Red Dwarf videos under the 'Feeling blue?' link at the bottom?)
Actually, there are four parts. Click NEXT at the bottom of the first page for what I assume is the fourth and final part as it has "The End" at, you know, the end --accompanied by Nathan's "end."
I'm in New Zealand and I initially couldn't see any Firefly references. But I went to the top right of the page and changed the country preference to USA. Then I could see the square immediately (lower right hand side of Neptune) and get to the Firefly video search results.
Did someone take a screenshot?

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