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September 23 2009

Dr. Horrible in Legos. This comes from Sci-Fi Wire, but Mo Tanchareon found these two figures of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer made out of Legos. Someone named "Cube Dude" made them, and displayed them on his Flickr page.

No word yet about whether anyone may try to make Moist, Penny or even Bad Horse out of Legos

Aww, I'd seen this earlier, but I thought it might be too thin for the front page. Glad you found a better link - mine didn't have Captain Hammer! :o

But mine does have a little more information about the creator, I think, if anyone is interested. :)
Actually, someone named Angus MacLane who happens to work at a little place called Pixar made these, but who's counting... ;)

(also see: and, for that matter, )

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