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September 23 2009

Tur-Mohel's Yearly review to the ELE. Tur-Mohel sends in his yearly review to Bad Horse and the League.

And speaking of the one-year anniversary of the DVD contest, I posted today (first time anywhere) the full link list of submitted E.L.E. applications.

(Note: You forgot the terminating period at the end of the post title.)
Tur-Mohel was one of my very favorite ELE applicants. It's nice to see he and the Minyan are keeping up the bad work.
So funny.

Maybe they'll show up briefly in Dr. Horrible 2? That would be amazing.
I love it! Give this guy a paying job, someone!
There's a coffee mug?
There is if you make one yourself, presumably.
IMHO, this video is even better than the first, which is saying a lot.
Brilliant collab storytelling. Awesome.
Oy. I don't know if I should be offended or laughing out loud...
Excellent work again from Tur-Mohel (and b!X)!

However (if I may slip into shameless self-promotion mode), while Tur-Mohel and Fury of Solace continue to grab the headlines with their splashy and superbly crafted productions, another ELE candidate the Masked Roger is stealthily rolling out his humble fan-made web series, with today's release of Episode 4.

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