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September 23 2009

Nine things about Tahmoh Penikett. Another new video on Fox's Dollhouse site. And if you want more Tahmoh (and who wouldn't?) then pop over to and to read a couple of interviews with him.

Oh and Fox, you spell his name T A H M O H not T A M O H.

I didn't read the io9 piece because the headline scared off spoiler-phobe me. The IGN piece I kinda skimmed because I do want to read about the actors... but I stopped when I gathered he was talking about guest stars and what said guest stars might be doing this season on "Dollhouse".

Does anyone else ever wish that an expiration date came attached to all the spoiler posts? (rhetorical) Well that, and I wish there was some easy way to find the ones I wanted to read after the fact besides saving RSS feeds. I'm sure there are some interesting tidbits sprinkled amongst them -- but I surely do like watching the episodes cold.

I'm not sure how the web page thing works for things like ads and all, but there was an interesting juxtaposition for me at IGN. There was this ad for Pringles Extreme(so tired of "extreme") Chips (crisps-- whatev) with the tag line: "Dare you be beaten by a girl? --Fight the extreme girls here."

Content about T A H M O H and a Joss show next to... that. Weird. AND it made me contemplate our crazy world before my morning tea. That's just wrong.

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