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September 24 2009

In a Social Networking World, What's the Future of TV? "Whedon and Day are demonstrating that television may be a genre or format of entertainment -- which looks and feels "like television" even if it is never broadcast".

At least the "Wheedon" at the end there can be assumed to be a typo since it's spelled correctly every time before.

Good article. |-)~
Yeah, interesting article.

Television is certainly changing, not necessarily what it is, I think that's a bit of a red-herring (as the article says, a lot of the more successful web content still looks a lot like TV content) but more how it's made (and therefore who by) and how we consume it. For all that the net is sometimes undeservedly held up as the future and saviour of humanity I think it is a democratising force in the sense that it lowers barriers to entry in audio-visual creation and (much more importantly) distribution.

And digital media allows hi-fi recording and playback as well as narrowcast distribution so that when we view is more in our hands too. Add to that the idea of 'niche' is gaining traction too, again largely thanks to the net and the way it lets smaller, disparate fan populations interact in real-time (or very nearly) and so maintain a sense of community.

Yep, world's moving on.
Felicia Day, Dr. Horrible's leading lady, has developed her own cult following . . .

Is the big sacrifice still on for tonight?
Didn't we say Friday ? Was planning on the cinema this evening.
I thought it was yester...


Hey, look over there! It's David Hasselhoff!

*creates a crazygolfa sized cloud before getting into his car, driving away and squealing his tires.*

Oh, interesting article.
Nah, remember we changed it to this evening to avoid the conflict with the Dollhouse season premiere.
Is this something I had to assume television = all video worth watching to understand?
Not particularly. In fact, he specifically addresses the "what is television" question.
Meanwhile, I'd just be happy if in a social networking world, the TV show Dollhouse actually had a social networking presence.

Hey, Fox. Call me.
I think they're developing an anti-social network instead. Social has so been done, too old hat for 'Dollhouse'.

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