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September 24 2009

Full Joss Whedon and Ira Glass interview available. I'll let Joss and Ira explain: "We did this event hoping to raise money to teach writing to kids. We're kind of, you know, into writing. If you listen, and you're against helping schoolchildren with their homework and expanding their literary horizons, then certainly do not click the donate button. Everyone else, please click." This is one of the best Joss interviews in years.

I did that this morning. This is totally worth it, and it's for a great cause.
That's a really good idea.
Great interview. Ira geeked out I think...somewhere in the middle of the interview :P
Will have to listen a bit later, but downloaded the mp3 & sent 'em a little sumpin'-sumpin'.

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of this cause - both their aim *and* their approach.

And the combination of these two big nerds that I love can only be a winning one.

This is a supernacular idea.
I'm really glad they made this available so that everyone can listen and contribute. I was there to hear and see it in person (and I contributed in person), and I have to say it was gratifying as all hell to have Ira Glass interview Joss Whedon. Ira completely geeked out over Joss -- such as referencing, for example, a DVD commentary he had been listening to for a particular episode -- but at the same time wasn't cloying or vapidly devoted. Of course, Ira Glass is a phenom himself and has no need to sublimate his own coolness for cloyingness.

It was all just awesome. I was going to write my own little account of the event here but the linked-to summary here from the buffyfest folks more than did the job. That, and now this. Bravo for the event and bravo for 826NYC.
Guess my recording won't be needed after all. ;-) Glad that they recorded it and are making it available!
I'm so glad this is up, can't wait to go home and check it out. I was there too, but I missed some questions/answers due to crowd noise, a hangover and being distracted by all the awesome on the stage.

I'm glad there's a donation page too. I was on vacation and only had a few dollars to put in the bucket that night.
Fantastic interview, great cause = made of win. (Except for the whole I-haven't-gotten-any-work-done-for-the-last-hour thing.)
I'm really happy to hear the whole thing... It is a nice clear recording. But I still wish I had been there!
Just make foreheady puppets and pretend they're Joss, embers. I mean, like, 100 of them. Joss army. He'd cause puppet-like chaos.
It's a delight to hear Joss so darn happy. He's just lit right now. And Ira is a delight, as always. Worth every penny of "donation amount, pick one".
What a great, worthy idea. Downloaded ready for the commute to work tomorrow.
What a fantastic interview. Damn.
Donated and downloaded. Nice interview so far.
Fabelhaft! Nein . . . uber-fabelhaft!

Hey, I'm trying to freshen up my expressions of enthusiasm.

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Dead gemmie nae kiddin' !

(for your collection Pointy ;)

Brilliant interview, up there with Bendis and Onion '01 I reckon. Insightful and largely fresh questions, well directed without stepping on Joss' answers. Really good job.

And yep, Joss is The Dude. And The Dude abides.

(my one so-teeny-you'd-need-a-microscope-to-see-it complaint ? It'd be great if they could've normalised the MP3 volume, i'd turn it up to hear the interview only to be almost deafened by cheering. But like I say, teeny tiny)

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