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September 24 2009

Sing along with Dr. Horrible in L.A. one night before Halloween. Information about the Los Angeles Halloween-time screening of "Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog."

[edited to clarify actual day of event]

Yay, thanks for posting. ^_^
This was so much fun last year!I may have to go again!
I bought my tix yesterday. We be's going for sure.

I enjoyed it a bunch last year. (I do hope they have a slightly better handle on their logistics or timing or whatever it was that delayed everything - or maybe it was our special guests that did that, who knows.)

Looks like the beneficiary this year is "Kids Need to Read" instead of "Path Ventures!" I'm all for kids reading, early and often.
Ask me about it again after I win Powerball this Saturday.
I'm going, and I'm glad it's the night before instead of on Halloween. (Don't like missing the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.)
QuoterGal: Yeah, we're still apologizing for that. Last year the manager freaked out on us, not letting people in because he was afraid we were going to block the lobby like other organizations they had rented out to. By the end of the night he mellowed and promised that this year he would be less controlling :-] We also have the theater earlier.

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