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September 24 2009

Sci Fi UK airs Buffy! Finally! Sci-Fi UK finishes off expressing it's Whedon-love by airing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In related British Buffy news, Mercdes McNab will be a a guest at the Hallowhedon convention.

Begins with 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' on Monday 5th October, 7pm

Oh dang. I lent my friend the first season on DVD the other day. This is fantastic news.

Have they ever shown Serenity? If so, they need to repeat that endlessly, like Jurassic Park.

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I've added property of Mr Gordo's news to the entry.
No, I'm hoping they'll show Serenity soon! As it is I want to see reruns of Firefly.

I was actually watching Jurassic Park (for the millionth time) last night when I saw the Buffy ad - had to try hard not to squeal :)
Harry Groener is also announced for Hallowhedon. Just waiting for some more guests :)
Just booked - couldn't not! VERY excited!
I'll be there too Bubblecat :)
hmm, the upscaled angel episodes on sci-fi HD looked better than the DVDs (which are overcompressed, and smeared with noise reduction), so i'll be watching out for these to see if they get a similar boost.

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