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October 13 2003

No Buffy season 7 on BBC2? News Corporation are threatening to sue the BBC to stop it showing BtVS, 24 and The Simpsons in a row over un-encrypted satellite transmissions.

Wren, you were spot on about this months ago.

Sigh. I *knew* FOX/News Corp would make an issue of this. It's an offshoot of the paranoia about downloading music; tv and film companies are on the offensive against anything that might make it easier for fileswappers to download and share copies of their precious movies & shows.

Always bet on the bureaucrats to wrangle and hiss; you'll never loose!
so was this not a poblem/requirment in the US given the wildfeed early episodes reviews?
Wow, this is huge. Not sure of all the ramifications, but there's been a battle shaping up between the BBC and Murdoch for some time. Relates to the funding structure of the BBC (which is paid for out of the public purse, does not carry advertising).

Murdoch hates all that and wants to introduce his beloved "market forces" so he can fs*k it all up using WTO rules (a joke coming from someone who with the help of the far-right prime minister of the day evaded anti-monopoly legislation on first getting involved in the UK media).

To add insult to injury, the BBC has also recently announced plans to put its archive on line for free (stuff going back to the dawn of radio and tv) and has already been talking to some big shots in the intellectual property game about how best to do it. Can't imagine the commercial broadcasters are thrilled about that either.
Chernin's an idiot who called the Internet "an insult to common decency [...] [a] virtual logjam of valueless clutter".

I don't know the details but his concern over unencrypted broadcast seems absurd; wasn't the public given devices to decrypt the signals before? How is not encrypting them any different?

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