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September 24 2009

(SPOILER) Review of "An Evening Without Monty Python" -- with Alan Tudyk. High praise for Tudyk specifically -- spoilers for what's in the show if you're planning to see it (and want to know absolutely nothing about it, which is kind of difficult if you're familiar with Python in the first place).

Sounds amazing, wish I could see it. I *just* traveled to NYC for Joss Whedon, though, can't see doing it again so soon.
I went last night. It was fantastic! The audience lapped it up and at the end most wouldn't leave, hoping we could coax an encore or seven. Alan was, as always, hysterically funny. The entire cast was brilliant. Eric Idol was there, but not onstage. Fantastic evening We all just wished it was longer.
So... was Eric Idle there, or is there a new so-you-want-to-be-a-Python reality show that I've overlooked? ;-)
A friend I went to the show with saw him walking around on Vine, so one could guess he was there. It was an awesome show. ^_^
Eric Idol was there, but since he was the director, he did not go onstage. My friend got his autograph in the lobby afterwards and took a pic with him as well. I'm not into autographs myself, but it was cool to be there nonetheless. A good time was had by all.
Idle has also updated some of the sketches with a few new pop cultural references (such as Dyson Vacuums and a nod to Neil Patrick Harris

So what is the "nod to NPH" TartFuel?
We are going this Saturday night in NYC - can't wait!!

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