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September 24 2009

Galileoscope signed by Felicia Day and Battlestar Galactica cast. Bid on the item on ebay - "This auction is being done by a newly formed non-profit . . . and for every $15 of your bid, we will donate 1 telescope to a needy school."

Yes, a Galileoscope is exactly what you think it is, a telescope with a terrible name ;). Looks like a good cause though and from the description, it was Felicia's idea to get signatures on the box.

The description could use some editing. Not only Felicia's name, but also... the website for the thing is, not .com.

Apparently these telescopes are made mostly in big quantities for educational purposes.
Well, they fixed the website address, but they're still only 50/50 on Felicia's name.

While I was always ok with the spelling, I was never sure how to pronounce "Felicia" at first and I only just realised why - there's a car called the Skoda Felicia, which is pronounced differently. It's not a particularly cool car though, so don't tell her ;).

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