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September 24 2009

(SPOILER) Bill Williams on his new writing gig for the Angel comic book. He chats to FEARNet about his backup story for the series and how he and Bill Willingham came to write Angel.

Sounds very cool. I like this approach to the storytelling. Also my favourite line was about planning the first "year" of the story. Awesome:
Looking at my watch to the "canon/ not-canon" to begin, at some point. LOL.
The back ups sound interesting.I'm intrigued by what's coming since they are being so tight lipped.This Eddie Hope character sounds like one who will fit into Angel's world well.
Great interview. I'm really looking forward to reading what the Williams/Willingham team are going to come up with for Angel.
Numfar, I thought that was already put to bed. After "After the Fall", no more Joss' name on the covers/writing credits = not canon ? And everything Brian Lynch did after was, as good as it might've been (I'll have to wait until Hardcover #6), still simply Lynch's own continuation ? They carry about as much weight as Dark Horse's pre-Season 8, non-Mutant Enemy-written Buffy and Angel comics, IMO. But with no other new material coming, fans are free to accept or reject as they please (or just ignore and not read).

I think I'm a little burnt out on Angel. My pre-order for Hardcover #5 didn't arrive at my comic store (the "Aftermath", non-Lynch book) and I wasn't disappointed that week when I went to pick up other stuff, figured I'd rather save the cash. I liked the ending of "After the Fall" just fine, I'm cool with that as the ending to the series. The only thing that'll probably prompt me to check out more of IDW's Angel Season 6-ish comics is curiosity over whether they might throw us a bone on some of the world lining up with what's happening in Buffy Season 8 (I don't expect the characters to interact, but even if just the worlds feel like a cohesive whole again, it'd be nice).

It's a cash-cow, so they likely won't end it (and I haven't seen any mention for a planned ending) any time soon, which is discouraging. I want an ending, if I'm going to continue buying your comic. But how IDW's plan looks (or lack of plan), it feels like this might just become like mainstream superhero comics where the title is passed off from writer to writer and the story will lose cohesion, there's the risk of threads being left for other writers but then not picked up, and we might eventually get to the point where we're buying just to see if it'll get better. Buffy will have an ending. It's going season-by-season, it's guided by Joss, so at the very least we know it'll be done at Season 9 and at most maybe it'll go for one more after that, who knows. And these are just bonuses on top of "Chosen" (liked how Buffy wrapped up, but I'm also liking Season 8 as a whole better than Season 7, so kinda appreciate getting a potentially better send-off, even though we have to accept it actor- and music-free).

Wouldn't be surprised if Joss had other ideas for Angel, but IDW wants to keep renewing the license from Fox and they'll keep renting it out to them, so profit overrides Joss' creative wishes for the title.

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*Wouldn't be surprised if Joss had other ideas for Angel, but IDW wants to keep renewing the license from Fox and they'll keep renting it out to them, so profit overrides Joss' creative wishes for the title.*

Oh Kris that's a load of rubbish...if Joss has all these ideas for the Angel title why doesnt Joss do them then? IDW isn't stopping him from doing anything with the title - I'm sure they would bend over backwards for him to work on the title. He is not doing anything with the title cos he just doesnt care about the Angel. Seriously there is a company there that is giving loads of attention to Angel and gave him the chance to write post show stories and all he did was give the plot and some advice. Joss has no creative wishes for the title. And considering the (IMO of course) awfulness that is Season 8 I am glad for him to stay away. Angel was never his main prority - it was Buffy, then Firefly and now Dollhouse. So Angel was always the 2nd best for him ( no superpowered young women to write about maybe?) so if it wasnt for IDW there would be no Angel stories.

So as far as Im concerned I dont give a damn if Joss goes anywhere near Angel again. All I care is that the character continues, and at IDW it will. So that's me happy:)
Joss can and will do anything he wants. Wouldn't have it any other way.

These back-ups are exciting. I'm psyched to read them along with you guys. I can talk about them as a fan, no pressure, yay!
Really fantastic interview. I can't tell you how excited I am to see what Willingham/Williams/Denham/Messina bring to the title!

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